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World History

Study Guide mid-term 2016

Who invented writing? Sumerians
Who led the Israel people out of Egypt? Moses
What country did Moses lead the Israelites out of? Egypt
Three famous kings named Solomon, David and Saul were from what country? Israel
Name three Kings of Israel. Solomon, David and Saul
How many Gods does a monotheist believe in? One God
A Polytheist believes in what? many gods
The four books/sections of the Bible that were written after the life of Jesus are called what? The Gospels
The gospels includes what four books from the Bible? Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
Who was the most famous ruler of Rome? Julius Ceasar
Julius Caesar was an emperor for what country? Rome
Who was Homer? An author of Greek Myths
Name an author of Greek Myths. Homer
Name an author of Roman myths. Virgil
Who wrote "The Birth of Rome"? Virgil
Who was the most famous ruler of the Greeks? Alexander
In the Roman Empire, Christianity became the religion of the Empire. Who decided that? Constantine
Vandal, Goths and Visigoths took control of what country? Rome
After Rome fell and was not a great country, what time period was next? Dark ages
The dark ages happened after what country lost it's power? Rome
What did St. Patrick bring to Ireland? Christianity
Who was the most famous Holy Roman Emperor? Charlemagne
What country decided that Latin would be the main language that educated people used? Rome
What country did Charlemagne rule? Rome
The Vikings believed in many gods, who was their main god? Odin
What mythological character is Thursday named after? Thor
What name can we associate Friday with? Freya
What system was peerage a part of? Feudalism
A Crusade against Islam was called for by who? Pope Urban II
Nine Crusades happened. Which one was the only one that succeeded. The First Cruscade
The main targeted city for Crusaders and Muslims was what? Jerusalem
What is the name of the most famous Muslim leader? Saladin the Great
Is Robin Hood an emperor, king or legend? Legend
Who had the nickname Lionheart? King Richard I
What two countries fought the "100 Years' war"? France and England
What helped Henry V's men with the battle of Agincourt 1415? Longbow men
What battle used the longbow and won in 1415? The Battle of Agincourt
What king did Catherine of France marry? King Henry V
Who did King Henry V marry from France? Catherine
What war did Joan of Arc fight in? 100 Years War
What country was freed by Joan of Arc in the 100 Years War? France
What American city is named to honor Joan of Arc? New Orleans
What was the Black Death? A disease spread by fleas on rats
How many people died from the Black Death in Europe? 1/3 of Europe
People blamed Jews for the Black Death. What is it called when people are against Jewish people? Anti-Semitism
What does Renaissance mean? rebirth
Who invented the printing press? Gutenburg
What year did Gutenburg invent the printing press? 1415
Who painted the "Last Supper"? Da Vinci
What year did Columbus sail the Ocean Blue? 1492
What year was Spain the strongest military power? 1500
What year did Martin Luther begin the Reformation? 1517
What did Johann Tetzel sell the Catholic church that Luther didn't like? Indulgences
What did Luther nail to the Wittenberg door? 95 Theses
Who kicked Luther out of the Catholic church? Pope Leo X
Luther was excommunicated, what does that mean? Not allowed to be a part of the Catholic church anymore.
Who had the nickname "Defender of the Faith"? Henry VIII
Who did Henry divorce? Catherine of Aragon
Who refused to sign the Act of Supremacy? Thomas More
Who planned to make sure Anne Boleyn was arrested? Thomas Cromwell and Thomas Cranmer
Who burned thousands of Protestant people at the stake? Bloody Mary
Who was Queen for nine days? Lady Jane Grey
What year did King James publish the Bible? 1611
Name a Puritan leader. Oliver Cromwell
North Carolina and South Carolina were named after who? King Charles I
Who was the father of King Charles I? James I
What area of North America did Jacques Cartier explore? St. Lawrence River
What did the French do instead of farming in the winter? Fur trading
What country had colonies were more populated/had more people? English
What time period is famous for violent wars of religion? 1600's
Who wrote "The Wealth of Nations"? Adam Smith
Who was Voltaire? A famous French Philosopher
What General was killed at the battle of Montreal at the end of the French and Indian War? General Wolfe
What machine/contraption connected the Industrial Revolution to the French Revolution? Guillotine
Who were part of the third estate in France? Bourgeoisie
Who were part of the first estate in France? Clergy
What group of people benefited most from the Industrial Revolution? The middle class
Where did the ship called the Mayflower land in North America? Plymouth Rock
What was the first major tax called that the British made the people in the colonies pay? Stamp Act
What country was the first to bring horses to America? Spain
Name the three major revolutions of the 1700's. Industrial, American, French
What was the first permanent English Colony called? Jamestown
Nov. 5 1601 a group of Catholics tried to blow-up who? King James I
Henry VIII said his wife Anne of Cleaves looked like an animal. What animal? Horse
Name Henry VIII three children. Mary, Elizabeth and Edward
Reconcile means to be friends again. Did Henry VIII and the Pope reconcile? No, they never reconciled
What was Henry's 3rd wife, Jane Seymour, doing when she died? Giving birth to a child.
John Knox followed the ideals and beliefs of who? John Calvin
Name a Protestant reformer after Martin Luther? John Calvin
Protestants protested against what? The Catholic Church
Henry had a swordsman cut of the head of this person. Anne Boleyn
Where did Marco Polo venture/travel east to? China
Created by: laldrich