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Religion Exam

a study sheet for the religion exam

What does the word advent mean coming
what are the 3 comings of Christ that Advent celebrates past=historical coming present=through grace,the church,and the Sacraments future=final coming on last day of known world
How many Sundays are in Advent 4
what is the liturgical color of Advent violet
What is the purpose of Advent a time of waiting and preparation for the coming of Christ
what holy day of obligation is celebrated during Advent the Immaculate Conception, Dec. 8
What do we celebrate on the feast day of the Immaculate Conception the truth that Mary was conceived without Original Sin
what is Mary's title as the patroness of the U.S. the Immaculate Conception
what are the 6 liturgical seasons of the Church year in order Advent,Christmas,Lent,Easter Triduum,Easter,and Ordinary Time
when does the Church year begin Advent
what are the liturgical colors used through out the Church year white,red,green,purple,and black(but it is optional)
what cycle of events take place through out the Church year the story of the life of Christ and the history of the beginnings of the Church
how do people learn of these events through the Old and New testament readings
how many cycles of Sunday reading are there 3
what are the holy days of obligations and their dates Immaculate Conception,Dec 8 Christmas,Dec 25 Mary Mother of God,Jan 1 Ascension, 40 days after Easter. in US the first Sunday following that Thurs. Assumption of Mary, Aug 15 All saints day, Nov 1
What does the Christmas season celebrate the birth and early childhood years of Jesus
when does the Christmas season begin and end it begins on Christmas Eve and ends with the feast day of the Baptism of our Lord
what is the liturgical color of the Christmas season white
What are some customs used to celebrate Christmas the nativity scene, giving of gifts, the Christmas tree
what are the holy days of obligation celebrated during the Christmas season Christmas day, Dec 25 Mary the mother of God, Jan 1
intellect the power to think
will the power to chose
body the physical,material,and visible part of us
soul the invisible,spiritual,,and immortal gift from God
omnipotent all-powerful
create to make something or someone out of nothing
eternal everlasting never ending
Bible the Sacred Scriptures; God's revealed Word
God Supreme Being who created us and keeps us in existence
transcendent beyond what we normally experience
name the 2 powers of the soul think and choose(will and mind)
who is the Supreme Being that keeps us in existence God
how did God describe himself to Moses I am the God of your father, the God Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob
Created by: InfiniteDragon



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