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7th SS - Chapter 14

Chapter 14: West Central Europe

loess fine, wind blown soil deposits
medieval means middle
Middle Ages period of time from the fall of the Roman Empire to about 1500
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
impressionism form of art that developed in France in the late 1800s and early 1900s
Reformation a movement by Martin Luther to reform the Church which resulted in a spilt of the Protestants
Holocaust the mass killing of 6 million Jews and millions of other people during World War II by the Nazis
chancellor Germany's head of government - president and prime minister in one
cosmopolitan a city that has many foreign influences
cantons political and administrative districts in Switzerland
nationalism the demand for self-rule and a strong feeling of loyalty to one's nation
Berlin capital of Germany
Paris capital of France and its largest city
Bern capital of Switzerland
Alps tallest mountain range in Europe
navigable rivers rivers deep enough and wide enough to be used by ships
Napoleon Bonaparte French general and emperor who conquered most of Europe
German plains fertile lands that produce many crops for the country
Christmas important holiday in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria
marine west coast climate West central Europe's climate
energy resources available to West central Europe coal, natural gas, nuclear power, and hydroelectric power
Gual ancient region of present day France
Franks Germanic people
Charlemange Frankish ruler who united a large part of Europe in the early Middle Ages and was named Emperor of the Romans by the Pope for wanting to build a great Christian empire
EU European Union
Benelux countries Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg
Alpine countries Switzerland and Austria
Charlemagne's empire known as Holy Roman Empire
Adolf Hitler Austrian war veteran who led a new political party (Nazis) to power in Germany in the 1920s
Berlin Wall torn down in 1989
City of Berlin split in two: East and West Germany consequence of WWII for Germany
Martin Luther credited with the foundation of the Protestant faith
Dutch language of the Netherlands
UN United Nations
percent of French that are Catholic 90%
main religion for countries in west central Europe Catholic faith
Johann Sebastian Bach famous German composer
Ludwig van Beethoven famous German composer
remained neutral throughout many European wars Switzerland
home to many international organizations due to its neutrality Switzerland
Created by: MissMisiak