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Surgery drugs

terms and definitions

1. Stimulates nerve fibers to release epinephrine 1. Adrenergin
2. Relieves pain 2. Analgesic
3. Preduces loss of feeling 3. Anesthetic
4. Destroys bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms 4. Antibiotic/anti-infective
5. Inhibits the parasympathetic responses;manifested by drying up of the body secretions 5. Anticholinergic
6. Prevents or delays blood coagulation 6. Anticoagulant
7. Prevents or counteracts the action of a poison 7. Actidote
8. Neutralizes the action of histamine in the body;frequently used in the treatment of allergies or allergic reactions 8. Antihistamine
9. Counteracts or diminishes inflammation or its effects 9. Anti-inflammatory
10. Reduces fever 10. Antipyretic
11. Reduces the passing of impulses of autonomic nervous system;stops flow of secretions and gastrin and bladder contractions 11. Antispasmodic
12. Acts directly on the heart 12. Cardiogenic
13. Reduces a body function or nerve activity 13. Depressant
14. Increases the output of urine 14. Diuretic
15. Slows flow of blood 15. Hemostatic
16. Substance originating in an organ or gland which is carried by the bloodstream to its target organ;stimulates organ by chemical action to increase activity or to secrete another hormome 16. Hormone
17. Induces sleep;causes insensibility to pain 17. Hypnotic
18. Relieves muscular tension 18. Muscle relaxant
19. Produces sleep;relieves pain; stronger than a hypnotin 19. Narcotin
20. Stimulates uterine contractions 20. Oxytocic
21. Quiets and relaxes, but does not produce sleep 21. Sedative
22. Suppresses mental tension and anxiety 22. Tranquilizer
23.Constricts blood vessels 23. Vasoconstrictor
24. Dilates blood vessels 24. Vasodilator
24. Regulates or participates in normal metabolism,growth, and development of the body 25. Vitamim
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