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Semester Final WH

Semester Final

History The Record Of Past Events
Prehistory The Time Before Written Records
Hominids A Group That Includes Humans And Closets Relatives
Ice Age A Period Of Time When Much Of The Earth And Earth's Water Was Frozen
Paleolithic Age The Earliest Period Of Human History. Called The Stone Age
Nomad A Tribe That Travels With Migrating Animal Herds To Survive
Artifact An Object Made By A Person In History For A Purpose
Archaeologist A Scientist Who Finds And Studies Artifacts Left Behind By Past Peoples
Anthropologist A Scientist Who Studies Culturals And Behaviors Of Past Peoples
Radiocarbon Dating A Way Of Measuring The Radioactivity Of Historic Artifacts To Determine How Old They Are
What Event Led To The Development Of Permanent Settlements? The Event That Led To The Development Of Permanent Settlements Was Agruculture
Cuneiform The Writing Invented By Sumerians
Fertile Crescent The Area In The Middle East Shaped Like A Quarter Moon Where The Earliest Civilization Developed
What Where Some Of The Sumerians Inventions? Some Of The Inventions Of The Sumerians Were The Wheel, Sail Boat, Plow, And Writing
What Are The Names 5 Seas In The Kingdom Of Mesopotamia? The 5 Seas Are The Black Sea, Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Caspen Sea, And Aral Sea
Define Astronomer A Person Who Keeps Track Of The Sun, The Planets, And The Stars
How Did King Ashurbanipal Help Historians? King Ashurbanipal Help Historians By Creating A Library
Who Was Zoroaster? Zoroaster Was A Religious Leader That Preached Good And Evil
Pharoh An Egyptian Ruler
Mummify To Wrap A Dead Body In Strips Of Cloth To Keep The Body From Decaying
Hieroglyphics A Kind Of Picture Writing In Egypt
Papyrus A Reed From The Nile River Used To Make Paper
Hinduism The Main Religion Of India
Buddhism Religion In India. Growing Out Of The Teaching Of Siddhartha Gautama
How Did The Nile River Effect Egyptian Life? Nile River Effected Egyptian Life By Allowing Agriculture, And Trading Over Long Distances.
What Year Did The Trojan War Begin? The Trojan War Began in 1200 B.C.
When Did Homer Write The Iliad And The Odyssey? Homer Wrote The Lliad And The Odyssey In 750 B.C.
Who Was The Main Character In The Odyssey? The Main Character In The Odyssey Was Odysseus.
What Happened To Odysseus When He Returned To Ithaca? Odysseus Was Turned Into A Old Man To Hide Himself. He Was Able To String A Bow That No Other Man Could. He Was Then Able To Kill Off Opposers.
Name 3 Trails Odysseus Went Through To Return Home To Ithaca. -Cyclopes,Trapped In Cyclopes Cave -Sirens,Was Tied To The Mast Of His Ship -Poseidon,Sunk His Ship And Left Him Alone -Hades,Had To Cross The Underworld -Betrayed,By His Crew With The Wind Bag -Calypso,A Goddess Who Wanted To Marry Him Who Kept
Mediterranean Body Of Water On Which Greece Is Located
Iliad Poem That Tells Us About The Trojan War
Peninsula Geographic Shape Of Greece
Helen Trojan War Was Fought Over This Woman
Name A Greek God And Describe Who He Or She Was. Hades Was The Greek God Of The Underworld And Death
Where Did Spartan Men Live Until The Age Of 60? Spartan Men Lived In Military Camps Until Age Of 60.
Thermopylae The Battle Of 300 Spartans
What Did Philippines Do? Ran 25 Miles From Marathon To Announce The Athena Victory.
Philosopher A Person Who Tries To Find Truth By Asking Questions
Socrates Taught People To Ask Themselves Why They Believed What They Believed. Started "Know Thyself"
Plato Taught People Should Use Their Minds Rather Than Their Feeling When Governing. Opened A School That Lasted 900 Years. We Will Study His Ideas Today
Aristotle Pupil Of Plato-Wrote Important Works On Astronomy, Biology, Ethics, Logic. Physics, And Politics
Sparta A City-State Located On A Peninsula In Southern Greece
Describe The Myth Of The Founding Of Rome. Two Brothers, Romulus And Remus Were Left On A River Bank.They Were Found By She Wolf And Raised As Her Own.Romulus Killed Remus And Named Himself King.He Then Found Rome.
Plebeian The Working Class Citizens Of The Roman Republic
What Were The "Laws Of The 12 Tablets"? The Roman Senates Tablet Of Laws That All Must Follow. Placed In Marketplace For All To See.
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