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Ch 9 Test

Imperialism around the world

What weapon helped the Europeans subdue resistant non-Western colonies? the Maxim machine gun
Western leaders felt that ruling a global empire increased a nation's __________ around the world. prestige
Which phrase best describes the term sphere of influence? an area in which an outside power claims exclusive investment or trading privileges
In a(n) __________, local rulers were left in place but were expected to follow the advice of European advisors on certain issues. protectorate
European __________ began long before the 1800s, but movements into Africa and Asia marked a new age of expansion. imperialism
How did French and British imperial rule differ? the French practiced direct rule while the British practiced indirect rule
How did the opium war start? Britain refused China's demand to stop selling opium.
The Sino– Japanese war showed that While China remained backward, Japan had modernized.
The open-door policy proposed Having equal access to Chinese trade for Western powers.
The difference between how much money a country imports and exports Balance of trade
When a country imports more than it exports Trade deficit
The domination of one country by another Imperialism
Imperial rule where local rulers are left in place but expected to follow European advisors Protectorate
Area where an outside power claimed exclusive investment or trading privileges Sphere of influence
How did the industrial revolution contribute to imperialism Industrialized countries sought new markets for their products
Most Westerners felt that their culture was Better than non-Western cultures
The British govern their colonies by Using local rulers
Christian missionary groups followed explorers to Africa in order to Convert Africans to Christianity
Which country controlled much of northern and West Central Africa? France
The roof list and brilliant leader of the Zulus Shaka
An attempt to destroy a political, racial, cultural group is called Genocide
Colonies were often forced to grant a ____, or special economic rights, to a ruling power. Concession
How did Britain gain control of the Suez Canal? It bought sharers in the canal from Egypt
Foreign interest in Persia increased after Oil was discovered
What force began to tear apart the Ottoman Empire in the 1800s? Nationalism
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