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Early Man

Paleolithic to Neolithic

Stone Age A era of time in which man made and used stone for tools and weapons
Paleolithic Age A period of time when man was a hunter and gatherer. He was nomadic and spent most of his time looking for food to survive.
Neolithic Age A period of time when man began to farm and settle down in permanent settlements.
Historian A person who researches and writes about history.
Archaeologist A person who digs for artifacts of the past.
Anthropologist A person who studies how man interacts in society both past and present.
fossil Preserved traces of plants or animals of the past.
artifact A man made object that was used by man in the past.
Neolithic Revolution The time when man began to learn to plant and cultivate seeds and domesticate animals for his use.
Agricultural Revolution An event in history in which man begin to use agriculture to feed himself.
technology A tool or method to make a task easier.
specialization The development of various jobs like weaver, builder, or trader. Developed when not all man has to farm, other jobs develop.
surplus food supply To have extra food.
nomads A person that wonders from place to place looking for food.
forager A person that wonders in search of food; A hunter-gatherer.
hunter-gatherer one who hunter animals and searchers for nut, berries, and plants for food.
agrarian A person that plants and cultivates seeds and domesticates animals for his use; farmer.
Geographer A person that studies the Earths surface.
domesticate To tame plants and animals for one's own use.
sedentary To stay in one place. To be permanent. Stationary.
Catal Huyuk An early Neolithic settlement found in present day Turkey.
Jericho An early Neolithic settlement found in present day Israel near the Jordan River.
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