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Chapter 13

European Middle Ages

How long did the Middle Ages last? A thousand years
Where did the roots of the Middle Ages come from? The Classical Heritage of Rome
What were three reasons that were apart of the fall of the Roman Empires? Disruption of Trade, Downfall of Cities, and Population Shift
When the Germanic invaders had taken over Rome what couldn't they do? Read or Write
What happened to Latin? Since the Germans were mixing with the Romans the language had been lost.
What languages had developed from Latin? Spanish, French and other Roman-based languages
What is a Monasteries? Religious Communities
What occurred in the downfall of cities? People stopped living the cites and they began to dissapear
What happened during the decline of learning? There was a lost of Greek and Roman knowledge
What were the effects OF the Germanic Kingdoms emerged? Borders changed constantly, church provided order & security, concept of government changes, along with shifting boundaries
What is a manor? A manor is a lord's estate and the economic system
Define Feudalism Feudalism is a system of loyalties and protections based on mutual obligations
What is the social class structure in order? King/Pope Nobles - Lords/Church Officials Lesser Lords Knights Peasants/Servants
Name 4 things that the manor had? Castle Forest Church Village
What kind of system was Feudalism? A system of land holding and Governing
What was the three step process for Knighthood? Page, Squire, Knight
What was Knighthoods first step Page? At the age of 7 the bot was taken to another lords castle
What was Knighthoods second step Squire? At the age of 14 the boy would become the servant of a Knight
What was Knighthoods final step Knight? At the age of 21 the boy would finally become a Knight
How would you become a Knight? You had to be of Noble birth
Created by: KSosa