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chapter 14 and 15

three field system a rotational system for agriculture in which 2 fields grow food while the others lies fallow
Black Death an outbreak of the bubonic plague that spread through Asia north Africa and Europe
water wheel a mechanism that harnesses the energy of flowing water to grind grain or power machines
haneastic league an economic and defensive alliance of free towns in northern germany
guild an association of men such as artisans or professors who worked in particular trade and worked together
Gothic cathedral large churches built in the style of pointed arches, tall vaults and spires, flying buttresses and large stained glass windows
renaissance a period of intense artistic artistic and intellectual activity said to be the rebirth of greco-roman culture
universities degree granting institutions of higher learning
scholasticism a philosophical and theological system devised to reconcile Aristotelian philosophy and roman catholic theology
humanists European scholars, writers and teachers associates with the study of humanities
printing press a mechanical device for transferring test or graphics from a wood block or type to paper using ink
great western schism a division in the Latin christian church when rival claimants to the papacy existed
hundred years war series of campaigns over control of the throne of france
new monarchies historians' term for monarchies in France England and Spain from 1450-1600
reconquest beginning in the 11th century military campaigns by varias Iberian Christians to recapture territories
zheng he an imperial eunuch and Muslim entrusted by the Ming empire yongle
arawak a meridian people who inhibited the greater Antilles
henry the navigator Portuguese prince who promoted the study of navigation
caravel a small highly maneuverable 3 masted ship
gold coast a region of the Atlantic coast of west Africa occupied by modern Shana
Bartholomeu dias portuguese explorer who circumnavigated the globe
vasco de gama portuguese explorer that the first expedition from Europe to sail to India
Christopher Columbus genoese mariner who in the service of spain led expeditions across the atlantic
ferdinand magellan potuguese navigator who was the first to sail around the world
conquistadors early 16th century Spanish adventurers who conquered mexico central america and pure
hernan cortes Spanish explorer who led the conquest at the Inca empire
Montezuma II Aztec emperor who died while in custody of the Spanish conquistador cortes
Francisco pizarro Spanish explorer who led the conquest at the Inca empire
Atahualpa last ruling Inca emperor of Peru that was executed by the Spanish
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