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VCHS APWH Ch 12 & 13

Mansa Kankan Musa made a famous pilgrimage that demonstrated the enormous wealth of his country
In addition to fulfilling his personal religious obligations; Mansa Kankan Musa's pilgrimage resulted in the construction of new mosques and Quranic schools in Mali
Turkish invaders were able to successfully invade India because of the division of India into small states
The Turkish conquest of northern India was aided by Indian rebellions
The most significant factor contributing to agriculture in the Delhi Sultanate was extensive irrigation canals
The different regional networks of the Indian Ocean trade were tied together by commercial interests
By 1250 the most important trading city of the Swahili Coast was Kilwa
What caused the collapse of the empire of Great Zimbabwe deforestation and cattle overgrazing
What significant cultural feature allowed the regions of Aden and Ethiopia to thrive commercially mutual tolerance of diverse religions
What was unique about Gujarat trade compared to African and Arabic Gujarat manufactured goods for trade
The first Mongol conquests under Genghis Khan were in China
To maintain control of vast areas; the Mongols formed different khanates; The Golden Horde ruled over Russia
After rejection by his family for the title of Great Khan; Khubilai formed the Yuan Empire
What were contributing factors to Mongol military supremacy superior riding skills; more technically proficient bows; flaming arrows; catapults to hurl sometimes-flaming projectiles
Narratives such as Marco Polo's created a European ambition to find easier routes to Asia
The first Mongol conquests under Genghis Khan were in China
To maintain control of vast areas the Mongols formed different khanates The Golden Horde ruled over Russia
After rejection by his family for the title of Great Khan; Khubilai formed the Yuan Empire
What were the contributing factors to Mongol military supremacy? superior riding skills: more technically proficient bows: flaming arrows: catapults to hurl sometimes-flaming projectiles
Narratives such as Marco Polo's created a European ambition to find easier routes to Asia
Kamikaze means wind of the gods
The tropics are warm all year round; the center of the tropical zone is marked by the equator
The rainy and dry seasons in the Indian Ocean reflect the influence of the monsoons
By 1200 human migrations had spread many useful plants and animals around the tropics including bananas; yams; and cocoyams
The form of extensive agriculture that was used in sub-Saharan Africa is called shifting cultivation
As trade increased in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries the Strait of Malacca became the center of a political rivalry between Majapahit and Chinese pirates
Because of the trade through the Strait of Malacca Malacca became a meeting place for traders from around the Eurasian world
The cultural blending associated with the expansion and spread of Islam from 1200 to 1500 can be seen by examining the design of mosques that combine older traditions and new influences
In Islamic society mosques were centers of learning and promoted literacy
Prior to the spread of literacy with the extension of Islam in sub-Saharan Africa: the only previously literate society was found in Ethiopia One of the most significant effects of Mongol trade routes was
The conflict between the Il-khans and the Golden Horde originated in religious differences
In 1295: the Il-khan ruler Ghazan converted to which religion Islam
Tax farming is: the sale of tax-collecting contracts to small corporations
Apparently envisioning himself as a new Genghis Khan this ruler attacked the Muslim sultanate of Delhi in 1398:
The Mongol way of life was pastoral Menial work in Mongol camps was done by
Benefits of Mongol rule in the Yuan Empire included all of the following secure trade routes; exchange of technical expertise between the East and West; and the transmission of knowledge and skills
Mongol rulers in China were increasingly influenced by the idea of a universal rulership model by religious leaders from Tibet
What was the most lasting impact of the Mongols on China? The Mongols permanently reunited China after a prolonged period of political fragmentation
The Yuan tax administration relied on Persian; Arab; and Uighur administrators
When the Delhi Sultanate began to lose control of its realm new kingdoms emerged in India called Bahmani and Vijayanagar
Sultan Muhammed ibn Tughluq was noted by Chronicler Ibn Battuta as being remarkable for his religious toleration
Although the Delhi Sultanate had its problems it did provide a centralized political authority to India
Which of the following did not help to increase Indian Ocean trade between 1200 and 1500 The invention of the astrolabe
The characteristic ship of the Arabian Sea was the dhow
The greatest network of irrigation canals between the 14-19th century was found in The Delhi Sultanate
The most abundant metal worked in the tropics was iron
The empires of Mali in West Africa and of Delhi in South Asia both utilized Islamic administration
According to Malinke legends the founder of Mali was Sundiata
Mali derived significant income from gold and copper trade with North African Muslim traders
Because Mongols controlled access to the Silk Road after the overthrow of the Yuan; the emperor Yongle put an emphasis on trade by ships
Zheng He's primary accomplishment was acquiring Ming tributary states
Why didn't Ming China develop seafaring for commercial and military gain The Mongol threat from the north took priority over seafaring
What was the primary reason for the slowdown of technology after Yongle's death limitation of the mining industry by the Ming empire
What were the reasons for economic decline in China after the death of Yongle Decreased production of metal; Lack of commercial development; Reemphasis of the classic examination system
The Ming produced one of the most prized commercial products of Eurasia porcelain
Which coastal area did the Mongols see as crucial to choke off the sea trade of their enemies KOREA Unlike in Ming China
How did the threat of Mongol invasion affect Japan The Japanese military government spent a lot of time building coastal defenses; hoping to consolidate the warrior class
Which group held the lowest social rank in Yuan China? Southern Chinese One effect of the rise of cities in Yuan China was
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