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SFDS Islamic Empire

Key ItemDefinition
Abraham The Father of Ishmael. Went to Mecca to be with his son and built the Ka'Bah.
Hagar The Mother of Ishmael. Was sent away by Abraham and settled in the town of Mecca.
Ishmael The son of Hagar and Abraham
Mecca The birth place of Muhammad. The sacred city for Muslims. Where the Ka'Bah is located.
Ka'bah The holy shrine for Muslims. Muhammad went in and destroyed all the other idols and dedicated it to Allah.
Allah God
Monothiestic The belief in only one God.
Khadijah Muhammads first wife. Encouraged him to follow what God told him to do.
Angel Gabriel Appeared to Muhammad in a cave and told him that there is only one true God, Allah. He also told him that he is the messenger of God and must tell everyone.
Abu Bakr One of the first followers and long time friend of Muhammad. Became caliph after Muhammad died. Helped spread Islam and expand the empire.
Hijrah The journey that Muhammad made from Mecca to the safe town of Medina.
Medina After Muhammad and his followers were being persecuted in Mecca, they were asked to come and live in Medina. Here the religion fully developed and they began converting people to the Islamic faith.
Koran The Holy book of the Islamic faith. In it is the revelations recieved by Muhammad from God.
Hadith The life and teachings of Muhammad. Together with the Koran they are the Holy Books of Islam.
Shahada Declaration of Faith. "There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah."
Salat Pray five times daily towards Mecca.
Zakzt Almsgiving. Each Muslim is supposed to give 2.5% of money to the needy.
Sawm Fast from sunrise to sunset during the month of Ramadan.
Hajj Each Muslim is supposed to journey to Mecca once in their live. It is a pilgrimage to Mecca.
Caliph The ruler of the Islamic Empire, kind of like a king.
Mosque The place of worship for Muslims.
Minaret The large tower next to the mosque from where the Muslims are called to prayer 5 times a day.
bazaar A large market with rows of shops and tents selling products.
Baghdad The capitol of the Islamic Empire. Center for trade.
The Arabian Nights It is a collection of 1,001 stories and was written during the Islamic Golden Age.
Caravan A group of people who travel together across the desert by horse or camel for trade.
oasis A place that has a dependable water source in the desert.
Sabaean Civilization It was in present day Yemen and they were sheep and goat herders and they grew grapes and wheat.
Nabataea Civilization They were in present day Jordan, used cisterns and aqueducts to get water, and they were traders.
Bedouins Still exist in present day. They are nomadic people who live in tents, trade, and have a diet of mostly fruit and nuts.
pilgrimage a holy journey
Muslim society Caliph and government leaders were on top. Followed by landowners and merchants. The next layer were laborers, farmers, and craftspeople. At the very bottom were slaves.
astrolabe It is a tool that uses the stars to determine the latitude and longitude when traveling. Ancient GPS.
Ibn Batuta He traveled all across the Muslim Empire. Then he wrote the first travel books.
Created by: Mrs. Hastings