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Dzendzel India Vocab


Aryans People who moved through the Khyber Pass into the Indus River Valley
Dravidians People who lived in the Indus River Valley, moved to the Deccan Plateau and Ganges River Valley
Indus Valley Civilizations People responsible for grid patterns cities; we cannot read their writings
Brahma The creator god of Hindu Religion
Brahmin The members of the caste system who are priests of Hinduism
Kshatriyas The warrior and king class of people in the caste system
Vaishyas The merchant class of the Hindu caste system
Shudras Members of the Hindu caste system responsible for farming
Untouchables The lowest level on the caste system, not allowed to live with others
Mauryans The people who ruled the first empire of India
Ashoka Mauryan leader who spread Buddhism to the rest of Asia
Vishnu A Hindu god who gives to rebirth and is the preserver of life
Shiva Hindu god who ends life and is a destroyer
Guptas The empire and dynasty in the Golden Age of Indian Civilization
Caste System The social and religious organization of people in India
Aum The word of the Hindu god; shows Brahma is everything
Mohenjo-Daro The Indus city which had the Great Bath
Harappa The largest Indus City which held a Citidel
Indus River The river which gave the first civilization in India
Monsoons The winds that cause precipitation in India
Himalayas The mountains which separate India from other civilzations
Ganges River The river where Indian empires began; holy sites for Hinduism
The Vedas The recorded history of the Hindu religion
Bhagavad-Gita The epic poem describing the Hindu traditions and creation
Missionaries Individuals who travel to different lands to spread a religion
Karma The sum of good or bad deeds in a persons life
Dharma The duty and job of a Hindu persons life
Moksha The release from reincarnation after having proper dharma and karma
Samsara The cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth
Deism The idea of a religion being both monotheistic and polytheistic
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