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Chapter 13

When did Medieval period happen? It happened 500-1500.
What were the roots of the European Middle Ages that came from the 3 kingdoms? Classical Heritage of Rome and Greece. Beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church. Customs of the various Germanic tribes.
Why did the Western Roman Empire fall? Disruption of trade, Downfall of cities, Population Shifts, Decline in learning and Lose of a common language.
What did the church provide to the people in chaos? It provided security and order.
How did the Germanic people live? They lived in small communities.
Where is Gaul located? It is located in France and Switzerland.
What did Clovis bring to the people? He brought Christianity.
Was peasant women's lives hard? Yes, they were hard.
What was a manor? A manor is the place were the local lord lives
What was the social class called? The social class is called Feudalism.
Who is Rollo? Rollo is a the head of a Viking Army.
Who were Vikings? Vikings were Germanic people.
Who could become a knight? Only noble boys could become knights.
What are boys that are training to be a knight at the age of 7 called? They were called Pages.
What are boys that are training to be a knight at the age of 14 called? They were called Squires.
What are boys that are training to be a knight at the age of 21 called? They were finally a knight.
Did knights treat women nicely? No, the knights didn't treat them nicely.
When did Charlemagne become emperor? He became emperor in 800.
When did Pope Gelasius become pope? He became pope 300 year after Charlemagne.
What was the status based on in the church? The status was based on power.
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