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Finals Review

Chapter 7, 11, & 12 Test

Prescriptions are governed by federal and state rules and regulations, the primary purpose of these rules and regulations is what? To provide minimal standards of practice
What type of health care professional CANNOT write prescriptions? Pharmacists
What's an example of a Schedule II medication? A narcotic pain reliever
DAW is a code specifying that the brand name, rather than the generic equivalent, ________. is to be dispensed
What's an example of a task that's not the role of a PT? Performing final label and product check
When the directions for a prescription are unclear, what should the pharm tech do? Ask the pharmacist for clarification
What's an example of an abbreviation for a time of administration? ac
"Sig" is an abbreviation for the Latin word Signa which means what? "To write"
What's an example of an abbreviation used for a medication measurement? ss
What's the result of four simultaneously occurring processes: absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion? Blood concentration
If a prescription reads: ii gtt od tid, it's intended for use in what? The eye
What are some variables that influence human variability and differences in response to medications? Age, genetics, and weight
Some drugs given to children require a higher than normal adult dose. Why? Children metabolize some drugs faster than adults.
What's an example of an antidote? A drug that antagonizes the toxic effect of another drug.
If two drugs are taken together and one of them intensifies that action of the other, what type of drug interaction has occurred? Synergism
Created by: Ms.little1