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Ch 8 Med Vocb

Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems

What term means excision of the adenoids adenoidectomy
What term means a localized dilation or ballooning out of the wall of a blood vessel aneurysm
What is the term for removal or resection of a vessel angiectomy
The term for severe pain and constriction about the heart caused by an insufficient supply of blood to the heart itself angina pectoris
What is the term for inflammation of the heart and great blood vessels angiocarditis
What is the term for surgical repair of the blood vessels angioplasty
The term for narrowing of the caliber of a vessel (pathology) angiostenosis
What is the surgical formation of a new opeining into a blood vessel angiostomy
What is the term for incision or severing of a blood or lymph vessel angiotomy
The term for couteracting high blood pressure; and agent that reduces high blood pressure antihypertensive
The term that is the main truck from which the systemic arterial system proceeds aorta
The term meaning a narrowing or stricture of the aortic valve aortic stenosis
What is the term that means radiography of the aorta after the injection of an opaque medium aortography
What is the term for abnormal hardening of the aorta (pahtology) aortosclerosis
The term for any variation from the normal rhythm of the heartbeat arrhythmia
The term for a radiograph of an artery after injection of a raidopaque medium arteriogram
What term means raidography of arteries after injectioon of raidopaque material into the bloodstream arteriography
What is the term for a minute aterial branch arteriole
The term for any arterial disease ateriopathy
The term for the vessels that join arteries and capallaries aterioles
The term for inflammation of the artery arteritis
What is the term for cardiac arrest; absence of a heartbeat asystole
What is the term for a common form of arteriosclerosis in which deposits of yellowish plaques are formed within the arteries atherosclerosis
The term that means a cardiac arrhythmia characterized by disorganized electrical activity in the atria atrial fibrillation
What term means a congential heart defect in which there is in opening between the atria atrial spetal defect
What term means pertaining to an atrium of the heart and to a ventricle atrioventricular
The term that menas a chamber; used in anatomy to designate a chamber affording enterance to another structure atruim
What is the term for lymph nodes located in the axilla axillary node
What is the term for slow heartbeat, as evidenced by slowing of the pulse rate to less than 60 beats per minute bradycardia
What is the term for the passage of a small plastic tube into the heart through a blood vessel for the purpose of diagnosis of heart disorders cardiac catheterization
The term menaing wall between the left and right sides of the heart cardiac septum
The term that means compression of the heart as a result of the accumulation of blood or other fluid in the pericardial sac cardiac tamponade
What is the term for a general diagnostic term designating primary disease of the heart muscle itself cardiomypathy
What is the term meaning arrest of mycaridal contraction, as may be induced in perfomance of surgery on the heart cardioplegia
What term is drugs thar are used to stop mycardial contractions so that surgery can be performed on the heart cardioplegic solutions
What is inflammtion of the valves of the heart cardiovalvulitis
What term means pertaining to the heart and blood vessels cardiovascular
What is the restoration of normal heart rhythm by electrical shock cardioversion
What is a flexible tube passed through body channels for withdrawal from or introduction of fluids into a body cavity catheter
What term means the passage of a tubular catheterization
What is the complete obstruction of an artery of the heart, usually from progressive atherosclerosis coronary occlusion
Which term means development of an obstructive thrombus in a coronary artery coronary thrombosis
Which term is the blueness of the skin and mucous membranes cyanosis
Which terms is the termination of fibrillation, usually by electroshock defibrillation
The term that means an apparatus used to stop fibrillation by application of brief difibrillator
Which term means the relaxation of the heart diastole
What menas pertaining to diastole diastolic
What menas the disturbance of rhythm dysrhythmia
Whch term meansthe record produced by echocardiography echocardiogram
What is an abnormal accumulation of fluid in intercellular spaces in the tissues edma
Which term means a tracing produced by the electrical impluses of the heart electrocardiogram
What is the term meaning an instrument used to record the electrical current produced by the heart contractions electrogcardiograph
Which term is the recording the electrical currents of the heart muscle electrocardiography
What is the term for a clot or other plug brought by the bloodstream and forced into a smaller vessel where it lodges embolus
What term means excision of the arteromatous tunica intima of an artery endarterectomy
What is the term for inflammtion of the inner lining of the heart endocarditis
What term means the membrane lining the inner surface of the heart endocardium
What is the layer of serous pericardium on the surface of the heart epicardium
What is the term for involuntary muscle contraction caused by spontaneous activation of single muscle cells or muscle fibers fibrillation
What term means a rapid vibratin or pulsation flutters
any localized collection of blood, usually clotted, in organ, tissue, or space hematoma
an effusion of blood within the pericardium hemopericardium
a type of ambulatory ECG monitor holter monitor
increased blood pressure hypertension
incomplete development or underdevelopment of an organ or tissue hypoplasia
decreased blood pressure hypotension
decreased volume of circulating blood in the body hypovolemia
the formation of a localized area of necrosis caused by insufficient blood supply, produced by an occulation infarction
one of several lymph nodes located in the groin inguinal node
tissue fluid occupying spaces between tissue cells interstitial fluid
deficiency of blood from functional constriction or actual obstruction of a blood vessel ischemia
a fat lipid
any of the lipid-protein complexes in which lipids are transported in the blood lipoprotein
a transparent fludi found in lymphatic vessels consisting of a liquid portion and cells that are mostly lymphocytes lymph
any of small knots of lymphatic vessels lymph nodes
inflammation of a lymph node lymphadenitis
inflammation of a lymphatic vessel (pathology) lymphangitis
a system of vessels that collects tissue fluids from all parts of the body and returns the fluids to the blood circulation lymphatics
a chronic edema of an extremity because of obstruction within the lymph vessels or the lymph nodes, resulting in accumulation of interstitial fluid lymphedema
producing lymph; produced from lymph or in the lymphatics lymphogenous
a roentogenogram of the lymphatic vessels and nodes after injection of raidopaue material (procedures) lymphography
a median partition; an area in the middle of the chest that contains the heart and its large vessels, trachea, esophagus, thymus, and lymph nodes mediastinum
a growth of pathogenic microorganisms or of abnormal cells distant from the site primarily involved by the morbid process metastasis
pertaining to the muscular tissue of the heart myocardia
inflammation of the heart muscle myocariditis
the middle and thickest layer of the heart wall, made up of cardiac muscle mycardium
death of tissue necrosis
the act of closing or state of being closed; the relation of the teeth of both jaws during mandibular activity; and obstruction occulsion
around the heart pericardial
inflammtion of the pericardium pericarditis
sac which encloses around the heart pericardium
inflammation of the vein phlebitis
the blood flow through the network of vessels between the heart and the lungs pulmonary ciruclation
pertaining to a septum septal
a node in the wall of the right atrium that is the source of impluses taht initiate the heartbeat sinoatrial node
an instrument that is used to measure blood pressure in the arteries sphygmomanometer
a large, glandlike organ situated in the upper left part of the abdominal cavity, which destroys erythrocytes at the end of their usefulness and serves as a blood reservoir spleen
removal of the spleen splenectomy
any disease of the spleen slenopathy
suture of the spleen splenorrhaphy
narrowing or structure of a duct or canal stenosis
the contraction or period of contraction of the heart, especially of the ventricles systole
pertaining to or produced by the systole systolic
fast heartbeat; fast pulse tachycardia
an aggregation of blood factors, primarily platelets and fibrin with entrapment of cellular elements, frequently causing vaxular obstruction at the point of its formation thrombus
excision of the thymus gland thymectomy
tumor derived from the elements of they thymus thymoma
excision of the tonsils tonsillectomy
excision of lymphoid tissue from the throat and nasopharynx (tonsils and adenoids) tonsilloadeniodectomy
the visualization of deep structures of the body by recording the reflections of pusles of ultrasonic waves directed into the tissues ultrasonography
inflammation of a valve or valvula, especially a vavel of the heart valvulitis
causing dilation of the blood vessels (therapy ) vasodilation
a vessel of the circulatory system in which blood flows toward the heart vein
two large veins (venae cavae) that carry blood to the right side of the heart vena cava
pertaining to the vein venous
a small cavity or chamber, as in the brain or heart ventricle
cardiac arrhythmia marked by rapid, uncoordinated and ineffective contraction of the ventricles ventricular fibrillation
a minute vein; small vessles that collect blood from the capillaries and join to form veins (anatomy) venule
ASHD arteriosclerotic heart disease
AV, A-V atrioventricular
CHF congestive heart failure
MI myocardial infarction
PVC premature ventricular contraction
VSD ventricular septal defect
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