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Giattino - U3-4E

The Rise of Nation States

NATIONALISM loyalty or devotion to one's country; patriotism
Magna Carta Guaranteed “No Taxation without Representation” Took away some of King’ s Power
Why is the Magna Carta Important ? Established the foundations for Democracy. Creates a Limited Monarchy. Established Man’s Rights to certain Freedoms or Inalienable Rights
Parliament House of Commons House of Lords King could no longer tax without the consent of the people
War of the Roses English Civil War
Hundred Years War When Charles IV (last of the Capetians) died in 1328, he had no heir Dispute erupted over how should succeed him. Edward III vs. Phillip This began a conflict that lasted for 116 years known as the Hundred Years War.
Joan of Arc She must free France from English dominance. Joan helped raise troop moral and for the 1st time the war began to shift in France’s favor.. Joan was put on trial by the church 3 times and eventually found guilty of being a heretic..
Results of the Hundred Year War ; it virtually destroyed the feudal nobility and thereby brought about a new social order. , it led the English to expand their reach and power at sea.
Ferdinand and Isabella Very devout Catholics. They initiated the state persecution of non-Christians (non-Catholics), by forcing Jews and Muslims to convert to Christianity.
RECONQUISTA DROVE MOORS (Muslims/Islam) out of Spain and back into North Africa DROVE Jews out of Spain nquisition: (Large Religious Trial) Killed or converted Heretics and non-believers/ non-faithful
Created by: JImmyjet81