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Chapter 9: Islamic E

Divine truth Quran
The act of submitting to the control amazing or authority of another Submission
Arabic for God; the supreme God of Islam. Allah
A person who believes in Islam. Muslim
A pilgrimage to Makkah, one of the requirements of the Five Pillars of Islam. Hajj
Having many intricate parts. Complex
A successor of Muhammad as spiritual and temporal leader. Caliph
"Struggle in the way of God.” Jihad
The office of the Caliph. Caliphate
To diminish or destroy by degrees. Erode
A gift of money or property paid at the time of marriage. Dowry
A Muslim group that only accepts the descendants of Muhammad’s son-in-law, Ali as the true ruler of Islam. Shiite
A Muslim group that accepts only the descendants of the Umayyads as the true rulers of Islam. Sunni
After the death of Muhammad, political leadership fell to a caliph by the name of Abu Bakr
The main split inside Islam was between Sunni and Shiite
During the last two hundred years of the Abbasid empire, it fell under the control of the Saljuq Turks
The hereditary dynasty made by Mu’awiyah that moved the capital from Madinah to Damascus, in Syria. Umayyad
In 750, Abu al-Abbas a descendant of Muhammad's uncle, overthrew the Umayyad dynasty and set up the ______________________, which lasted until 1258. Capital city is Baghdad. Abbasid
Which of the following were major achievements of Islamic scholars? Math, medicine, history
By the time the Umayyad dynasty was established, the Arab Empire had already conquered the Persian Empire.
The Islamic equivalent of the Christian Holy Bible is the Quran.
According to Islamic belief, Muhammad is the prophet of Allah.
A crucial part of every Muslim city or town was the ____________, which was a covered market. Bazzar
The Islamic religion was created as a direct result of the revelations received by Muhammad.
According to Islamic teaching, Muhammad received messages from Gabriel
The Umayyad dynasty was replaced by the Abbasid.
After Muhammad’s death, Muslim scholars drew up the shari’ah, which is a code that provides believers with practical laws to regulate their daily lives.
As the Arab Empire grew, people who were not Muslims or did not convert to Islam in the conquered territories had to pay special taxes.
Ibn-Khaldun A prominent Muslim historian who believed civilizations go through regular cycles of birth, growth, and decay
Ibn-Rushd Muslim philosopher who wrote a commentary on virtually all of Aristotle’s surviving works
Abbasids Under rule by these caliphs, many Arabs began to intermarry with conquered peoples.
Abū Bakr Caliph whose leadership allowed Arabs to take control of the Byzantine province of Syria in Southwest Asia.
Seljuk Turks Captured Baghdad in 1055 and took over the eastern provinces of the Abbasid Empire.
According to the ______, women and men had spiritual and social equality. Quran
The Islamic Empire was a center of philosophy, science, and history.
_______ was a powerful Caliph for the Islamic Empire. Abu Bakr,
Many people living on the Arabian Peninsula prior to Muhammad's visions were polythesitc
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