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Q2 Islam Vocab

Rise of Islam - Islamic Achievements

Muslim a follower of Islam
Nomad a person who travels from place to place to find fresh land for their livestock, and has no permanent home
Jihad to make an effort, or to struggle
Tolerance acceptance of an idea without persecution
Arabia the region between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf
Mosque building for Muslim prayer
Qur'an holy text of Islam
Caliph the title that Muslims use for the highest leader of Islam
Muhammad prophet whose messages received from Allah (God) formed the basis of Islam
Oasis a wet, fertile area within a desert
Algebra a branch of mathematics that uses letters and symbols to refer to numbers. The core of algebra involves balancing equations.
Astrolabe device used to measure time and distance by measuring angles between the horizon and certain stars in the sky
Cartography the study of maps and the science of making them
Geography the study of the Earth's physical and cultural features
Physiology the study of how our cells, muscles, and organs work together
Anatomy the study of the human body
Astronomy the branch of science that deals with the stars, and other objects in space
Circumference distance around a circle
Pharmacology the study of medicines
Trigonometry a branch of mathematics that deals with the relationships between sides and angles of an object
Created by: mandy.safriet