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Unit 4 Ch 6 Sec 3-5

Qin Dynasty, Han Dynasty, Han Contacts with Other Cultures

Shi Huangdi first emperor of China who governed by Legalist principles
Great Wall a barrier that linked earlier walls across China's northern frontier
Qin Dynasty dynasty started by Shi Huangdi with a strong government and strict laws
Han Dynasty dynasty started by Liu Bang that lasted for more than 400 years
Liu Bang first emperor of the Han Dynasty
Wudi emperor of the Han Dynasty who made Confucianism the official government philosophy
seismograph a device invented by the Han Chinese that measures the strength of an earthquake
acupuncture a Chinese medical practice that involves inserting fine needles at specific points on the body
Silk Road the 4,000 mile long network of routes that stretched from China to the Mediterranean Sea
silk fine, light fabric made from the cocoons of the silk worm
cultural diffusion the spread of ideas, goods, technology, and customs from one culture to another
Created by: mrs.fehr