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Morphology Study of former and structure of cells and tissue
Smear A blood film produced by dragging a drop of blood across a glass slide
Fixative A chemical that prevents cells from deterioration
Methanol An alcohol fixative used for blood films
Anhydrous Without water
Humidity The degree of moisture in the air
Romanowsky A group of stains that contain esosin and methylene blue
Eosin A dye that produces a red colour in cells
Methylene blue A dye that produces a blue colour in cells
Polychromatic Multicoloured
Supra vital stain A stain that colours living cells or tissue
ESR Erythrocyte sedimentation rate- the rate at which RBC's settle out from whole blood
Wintrobe tube A thick-walled tube marked 0-100 used for wintrobe ESRs
Sickle cell disease An inherited haemolytic anemia caused by Hbs
Malaria A haemolytic disease cause by a parasite infection
Spherocytosis Increased in spherical red blood cells
Macrocyte A larger than normal cell, usually referring to RBC
Hypochromic Decrease in cell colour, usually refers to RBC
Nucleated RBC Immature RBC which still contains it's nucleus
Haematocrit (Hct) Volume of packed RBC's, as a percentage of whole blood
Maturation Development
Poikilocytosis Variation in shape of RBC's
Anisocytosis Variation in size of RBC's
Diff Differential count in WBC's
Bone marrow Soft organic material that fills the cavities of the bone. Site of blood cell formation
Microcyte A smaller than normal cell, usually refers to RBC
Rouleaux Blood cells in "stacks of coins" formation
Polycythemia An increase in the packed cell volume
CBC Complete blood count. Incorporates all rbc, wbc, and platelet measurements. 20 tests
Haemoglobin Hb test. Measures O2 carrying capacity of blood
WBC count Number of WBC per ml of blood
RBC count Number of RBC per ml of whole blood
Red cell indices MCV-size of average cell MCH-average hb content per cell MCHC-ratio of size to hb concentration RDW- red cell distribution width- spread of size of the red cell population AID IN DIAGNOSING TYPE OF RED CELL PATHOGENESIS
Diff Percentage and values of the different types of white cells
Platelet count Number of platelets per ml of whole blood
Reticulocyte count Measure of bone marrow response to anaemia
ESR Rate of settling RBC
Sickle cell preparation Test for presence of an abnormal hb
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