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Life in Nazi Germany

History GCSE/Ormerod/ Life in Nazi Germany 1933-39/Employment & living standards

Organisation/PolicyKey Points
Labour Service (RAD) Set up in 1933 Provided low wages for the or the unemployed. Workers did work to help Germany, such as repairing roads and planting trees. At first it was voluntary but from 1935 it was made compulsory for a young men to work for at least 6 months.
Motorway Project Nazis planned a 7000 mile network of dual-carriages to improve transport in Germany. Hitler personally started the construction of the first dual carriage-way. The first stretch was opened in 1935. By 1938, 3500KM were completed.
Rearmament Treaty of Versailles had limited the size of the Germanys armed forces. Hitler defied these limits. In 1935 he announced military conscription. By 1939 there were 1,360,000 men in the armed forces. He rebuilt the Germany army to the best he could.
German Labour Front (DAF) The role of the DAF was to control employees and employers. This was to ensure that all businesses worked in a way that benefitted the state, not individual employers or employees.
Strength through Joy (KdF) The purpose of the kdf was to increase the benefits that came from working and make it more enjoyable.
Beauty of Labour (SdA) The SdA campaigned to get employers to provide better facilities for workers suck as better toilets and canteens. It was normal for employers to expect their workers to do the building and decorating themselves after work hours for no extra pay.
Unemployment statistics The Nazis changed the way that unemployment statistics were calculated after 1933. From 1935, for example, people in part-time jobs were counted amongst the full-time employed.
Prisons The Nazis put hundreds of thousands into prisons or concentration camps. This made unemployment look lower than it would in normal times.
The armed forces By 1939, over 1.3 million men were in the armed forces. In normal peace-time, most of these men would need jobs.
Women &and Jews The Nazis forced women and Jews to give up work. These unemployed did not show up on the unemployment figures.
The SA, SS and Gestapo The Nazis used public money to employ hundreds of thousands of men in their own security forces. Some would say that these were not "Real" jobs.
Evidence for an improvement in living standards "People were able to purchase a luxury goods. For example, a new Volkswagen car".
Evidence against an improvement in living standards "Trade Unions were banned and working hours increased from 43 hours a week to 49 hours a week.
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