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Life in Nazi Germany

History GCSE/Ormerod/ Life in Nazi Germany 1933-39/Persecution of minorities

Term/key pointNotes
Herrenvolk The German name for Aryan. This was Hitlers perfect race.
Untermenschen Minority groups such as: Black people; the disabled; Jews; Gypsies; physically and mentally handicapped people; homosexuals; communists; tramps; beggars; and alcoholics were seen as second class citizens.
Lebensunwertes Gypsies and Jews were seen as being unworthy of life; the Nazis thought. The Nazis believed Jews weakened Germany.
Aryan The Aryan race was Hitler's perfect race; blonde hair and blue eyes. He believed this race was superior to all the other races in mankind.
The Nuremburg Laws [15 September 1935] Reich law on citizenship: Jews lost the right to vote or have passports. They were also made to wear a coloured star. Jews were even segregated on trains and buses. Jews were could not marry Germans.
Kristallnacht [9-10 November 1938] Sa response tothe murder of a Nazi official in Paris by Hershel Grynzpan (a polish Jew). Jewish retailers were destroyed. Around 800 Jews were killed. Jews were forced to pay for the damage caused. 20,000 Jews were sent to concentration camps.
Gypsies From 1933 Gypsies were sent to concentration camps because they did not contribute to taxes. A concentration camp in Berlin contained 600 Gypsies. They were even banned from traveling in groups.
Homosexuals In 1934 766 males were imprisoned for being homosexual. The Nazis strengthened laws on homosexuals.
T4 Programme The T4 Programme ordered the Nazis to kill anyone with a disability.
Concentration camps First camp opened at Dachau in1933. Camps were outside cities away from the public. Secretive and not controlled by normal prison rules. Inmates were political prisoners or 'undesirables'. From 1938 inmates were used as forced labour.
Jewish teachers Teachers who were Jewish were sacked from the 1st April 1933.
School syllabus Text books re-written from Nazi point of view. Taught the importance of racial purity. Anti-Nazi teachers sacked. Learned that Germany was 'stabbed in the back' by Weimar politicians & Jews.
Marriage between Jews and Germans Marriages between Jews and Germans were forbidden from 1935.
Curfew Jews were no longer allowed to leave their homes after 8pm.
Jewish businesses Jewish buisnesses were forced to close down by the Nazis.
Yellow star Jews had to wear the yellow star so the Nazis knew that they were Jewish. The yellow star also humiliated Jews. It was yet again another form of identification.
'Israel' and 'Sara' Every Jew in Germany had to add "Israel" and "Sara" to their names. This was done so the Nazis could easily pick out Jews. Men had to call add Isreal to their name and women had to add Sara to their name.
Ghetto The Ghetto was an area where Jews were separated from Aryans and Germans in general. Jews lived harse lives in the Ghettos; they didn't have enough to eat for example.
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