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Life in Nazi Germany

History GCSE/Ormerod/ Life in Nazi Germany 1933-39/ Nazi policies to the young

Why did Hitler feel he had to take control of the education system? He wanted to control the teachers and what they taught because he wanted Nazi Germany to last for 1000yrs.
How did schools indoctrinate young people in Nazi ideas? The text books were re-written so they were full of Nazi ideas and beliefs. Also pupils learned how Germany was "Stabbed in the back" by Weimar politicians and Jews; other things as well.
What was the appeal of Nazi Youth groups to young German people in the 1930s? They were free and gave children something to do.
Who were the Hitler Youth? The Hitler Youth was a boys club which was set up by the Nazis which trained them to be strong men who would someday protect their families and Germany too. It was made compulsory.
What was the League of German Maidens? The league of German Maidens was a was a girls club which was set up by the Nazis which trained them for motherhood and also taught Nazi ideas.
What sort of activities did the Nazis encourage young people to take part in? Military training, cooking, cleaning etc.
How and why did the Nazis treat boys and girls differently? The Nazis wanted boys to be soldiers and girls to prepare for motherhood. They did this by creating the 2 youth groups, The Hitler Youth and the League of German Maidens.
Who were the Edelweiss Pirates? The Edelweiss Pirates were a boys groups who were spread about. They joined this group to rebel against the Hitler Youth. The Nazis did not like these rebellious boys, but they were very hard to grab hold of and punish.
What was the German Teachers' League? The German teachers league was a league for German teachers in Germany. It defended them from their boss and supported them generally.
What happened to anti-Nazi teachers? Pupils were encouraged to report anti-Nazi teachers. If you were a anti-Nazi teacher you would automatically be sacked.
How were Jewish children educated? Jewish children sat on separate desks, then they were sent to separate schools. By 1942 no education as Jews weren't allowed education at all.
What is eugenics? The study of genetics is for the "improvement" of human kind.
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