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Life in Nazi Germany

History GCSE/Ormerod/ Life in Nazi Germany 1933-39/Nazi policies towards women

Key pointnotes
Woman in Weimar Germany Women smoked, drunk alcohol, went to nightclubs and were allowed to have any hair style they wanted too.
Nazi's view of men's role in society A man's role in society was to go to work and bring back money to the wife and kids to spend it on food and essentials.
Nazi's view of women's role in society A woman's role in society was to give birth to as many children as she could and look after them as they grew up.
Women's right to vote The women's right to vote was taken away because the Nazis believed that they should be only concerned about the family. Basically it was because the Nazis were very sexist.
Nazi's view of working women The Nazis were convinced that ALL WOMEN SHOULD NOT WORK!! They started to take jobs away form women and in the end, only very few jobs were available to them.
Nazi's view of women's ideal physical appearance Women were expected to dress traditionally. They wee expected to were the most basic outfit possible. No make was allowed and their hair had to be done up in a bun or in plaits. Nazis also wanted women to wear flat bottomed shoes and to not smoke.
Jobs taken away from women by the Nazis Many jobs were taken away from women by the Nazis. Teachers were sacked, so were lawyers, doctors, musicians, etc. Women had to work again eventually for German economic reasons. They were made to do a "Duty Year".
Nazi's view of abortion and contraception Nazis did not allow abortions except for medical reasons because the Nazis wanted the women to have as many children as possible and to stay at home to look after the family. They did not want women to stop themselves from having children.
Nazi's view of an ideal family Husband and Wife that had had many children, was the Nazi's view of an ideal family.
Marriage Laws Anyone who was seen as not being of pure German blood were not allowed to marry because the Nazis wanted the German civilization to be purely from Germany.
Mother's Cross This was a reward for the mother for having a certain amount of children. If you had 4 babies, you were awarded bronze. If you had more than 4 babies, you were awarded silver and if you had even more you were awarded the gold mothers cross.
Enforced sterilisation Anyone with a disability or was not what the Nazis wanted was stopped from having children so the next generation does not carry the same unwanted trait as the parent did.
Childless couples Couples who tried to have children but it wasn't possible for them to have children, were encouraged to separate and to try to have children with new partners.
Marriage between Aryans and Jews Marriages between Aryans and Jews were forbidden by the Nazis from 1935.
Kinder, K├╝che, Kirche (3Ks) "children, cooking, church"
Law for the Encouragement of Marriage Introduced in 1933 to loan a 1000 marks to young couples to marry. Depending on how many children they had, the couple would be allowed to pay less and less of the loan back.
Lebensborn "Fountain of life". To encourage childbirth to start with nurseries and financial aid but later provided Aryan girls with fertilisation by SS men.
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