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Nazi control 1933-39

History GCSE/Ormerod/Nazi control 1933-39/The police state

The police All police bossses were all Nazis.
The courts All judges were also Nazis. A New Peoples court was set up to , he would make and hear all treason cases. If Hitler wasnt happy with a punishment he would make it worse.
The SS Set up in 1925 as a personal bodyguard for Hitler and police force. Ran by Heinrick Himmler from 1929. The SS Wore black uniforms. During the 1930's the SS became head of security in Germany.
The Gestapo This was a secret police. They wore civilian clothes. Set up in 1933 and placed under the control of the SS in 1936. They reported on people who were accused of being anti-Nazi. They could lock up anyone; even if they had not done a crime.
Concentration camps First Nazi camp opened in 1933. Camps were away from the Public. Inmates were jews and other minoritie groups. From 1938 the SS used amp inmates as forced labour. By 1939 there were 6 camps in total that held about 20,000 people in them.
Created by: supercars