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Nazi control 1933-39

History GCSE/Ormerod/Nazi control 1933-39/Creation of a dictatorship

EventKey Points
The Reichstag Fire [27 February 1933] The fire destroyed the Reichstag in Berlin. The Nazis claimed the communist party plotted to take over Germany although a man from the communist party called Marinus van der Lubbe was only seen that night. That night the police arrested 4000 Cl.
New elections [5 March 1933] The Nazis used the police and the SA to put pressure on their political opponents. The Nazis used radio to broadcast their anti-communist message. This helped the them achieve their best ever election result, with 40% of the votes.
The Enabling Act [24 March 1933] Give Hitler to pass laws without going through the Reichstag. In order to achieve this he needed the support of 2/3 of the Reichstag. The communist party were banned from voting. The enabling Act was passed by 444 votes to 94. Germany was a dictatorship.
Banning of trades unions [May 1933] Trade Union offices were taken over and union leaders were arrested. All trade unions were merged into one organisation, the new German Labour Front (DAF). The DAF was controlled by the Nazis.
Banning of political parties [July 1933] A Law was introduced that banned people from forming new political parties. By this stage the social Democratic party and the communist party had already been banned. Other political parties had broken up. The Nazis were now the only party in Germany.
Tackling local government [January 1934] Law for the reconstruction of the Reich. Elected local GOV abolished. Staes to be run by elected Reich governers.
The Night of the Long Knives [30 June 1934] The SA had over 3 million members and wanted to take control of the army. Hitler thought the leader of the SA (Ernst Rohm) was a rival. on the Night of the Long Knives SA leaders were draggef from their beds; taken to Nazi HQ and shot dead.
The death of President Hindenberg [August 1934] When he died Hitler made himself president as well as still being the chancellor.
Army Oath [August 1934] The army swore their loyalty to Hitler.
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