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SS Qtr 2 Assessment - Constitutions, KIV, KV, Lunalilo, Sugar

Social Relationships with organisms with other organisms
Political Relating to the government or the public affairs of a country
Interaction Humans and Environment, Geography, Demography, Migration, and Technology
Cultural Attitudes, Feelings, Values, Beliefs. Way of life
Economic Relating to the production, development and management of material wealth
Alexander Liholiho Kamehameha IV
Lot Kapuaiwa Kamehameha V
After Kamehameha V, how was the next king of Hawai`i to be named? The constitution said there would be an election to name the next monarch, king.
What is the structure of government according to the Constitution of 1840? Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branch
Absolute Monarchy Usually ruled by one person, king or queen, that has unrestricted power over the people. Not limited by law or constitution
Constitutional Monarchy is a form of government in which a monarch acts as head of state within the parameters of a written (i.e., codified), unwritten (i.e., uncodified) or blended constitution
How did the commoners (people) have a voice in government in Constitution of 1840? 1. People chose representatives for the House of Representatives under the Legislative Branch. 2. Those representatives, in turn, chose the 4 judges in the judicial branch. 3. Male commoners could vote and become members of government.
How did the constitution of 1840 show foreign influence? The King's cabinet in the Executive branch was made up primarily of foreigners.
First successful sugar plantation in Hawai`i Koloa Plantation 1835 on Kaua`i
2 events in the US that contributed to the boom in the sugar industry California Gold Rush of 1849 and the Civil War
Who are the Big 5? 1. C. Brewer & Company 2. American Factors 3. Theo H. Davies 4. S.T. Alexander & H.P. Baldwin 5. Castle & Cooke
What are 2 reasons that new sources of labor were needed on plantations? Thousands of Hawaiians died Irrigation and improved growing methods made it possible to for planters to plant more sugarcane and produce more sugar, but there weren't enough workers to take care of crops
3 things that led to the sugar plantations becoming a "big business". 1. New improved mills, 2. more land, 3. market grew
What did Chinese laborers receive under the contract labor system? Paid $3 a month for 5 years, transportation, food, clothing and housing.
Which countries sent people to work in Hawai`i 's sugar plantations Japan, China, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Germany, Okinawa, Korea, Philippines, and Spain
Constitution of 1864, written under which monarch? Kamehameha V Lot Kapuaiwa
Constitution of 1852, written under which monarch? Kamehameha IV Alexander Liholiho
Constitution of 1840, written under which monarch? Kamehameha III Kauikeaouli
Constitution of 1887, written under which monarch? David Kalakaua
Who was the first ever elected Hawaiian monarch? William Charles Lunalilo
Which Hawaiian monarch was king for only 1 year? William Charles Lunalilo
What was the name of the disease that became a new threat to the health of Hawai`i's people in the 1860s? Leprosy, also known as Hansen's Disease
People infected with Hansen's disease were sent to a settlement called... It is on an isolated part of which Hawaiian island? Kalaupapa on the island of Moloka`i
What was the name of the Belgian priest that came to the settlement in 1873 to help those infected with Hansen's disease? Father Damien
Lunalilo died of... Tuberculosis
In Lunalilo's will, what did he establish for the poor and old Hawaiians? Lunalilo Home
Why did Lunalilo refuse to name an heir? Lunalilo said that the next monarch should be chosen by the people.
What did Hawai`i want to give the United States in exchange for tax free sugar into the United States? Pearl Harbor, when the treaty was renewed in 1887, it gave the United States exclusive use of the harbor
What 2 transportation innovations brought more people to Hawai`i during Kamehameha V's reign? Steamer Transportation between Honolulu and San Francisco and Pacific Railroad across the United States
Who was named heir to Kamehameha V? What happened to that person? Kamehameha V named his sister Princess Victoria Kamamalu as his heir, but she died in 1866. When he died in 1872, he left no heir.
What changes were outlined in the Constitution of 1864 to the Constitution of 1852? 1. Abolish office of kuhina nui 2. Increased the power of the king and his cabinet 3. Combined the House of Representatives and House of Nobles 4. Voters born after 1840 had to pass a literacy test (read and write)
Who was Kamehameha IV Alexander Liholiho's wife? Emma Naea Rooke
What was the name of Alexander Liholiho and Emma Rooke's son? Albert Edward Kauikeaouli
During Kamehameha IV's reign the Hawaiian population largely decreased due to foreign diseases, what did he and his wife do to help to stop the increase of sickness? Alexander Liholiho and Emma Naea Rooke established Queen's hospital
What 2 personal tragedies haunted Kamehameha IV Alexander Liholiho during the last years of his reign? He shot his friend because of a rumor, Henry Neilson, he never recovered from his injuries. His son Albert Edward Kauikeaouli died at 4 years old.
What was the treaty that increased sugar production? Reciprocity
What does reciprocity mean? In terms of a treaty a recognition by one of two countries or institutions of the validity of licenses or privileges granted by the other.
Hawai`i had a reciprocity with what country? United States
What items were allowed tax-free from Hawai`i to the United States, under the reciprocity treaty? Many Hawaiian goods, particularly unrefined sugar, coffee and rice
What was the nickname given to David Kalakaua? Merrie Monarch
Why did David Kalakaua have a nickname? He enjoyed music and dance
In what ways did David Kalakaua revive the Hawaiian culture during his reign? Brought back "kahunaism", hula, old chants, and music.
Which monarch wrote Hawai`i Pono`i, the national anthem of Hawai`i? David Kalakaua
In what ways did the treaty influence a lot of Hawaiian history? More roads, bridges, railroads, telephones, people from other countries worked in the sugar plantations, set up relationship with US that later led to the overthrow of the monarchy..
Kalakaua was the first Hawaiian monarch to do what 3 things? Trip around the world, visit Washington, DC and visit Japan
What was Kalakaua's surprise for his guests at his inaugural ball? Electric lights
What was the name of the palace Kalakaua built after his trip around the world? `Iolani Palace
Who was Kalakaua's strongest supporter/ Walter Murray Gibson
In 1887 Kalakaua was forced to sign a constitution, it is also known as _________Constitution Bayonet
Which constitution took away most of the king's power/ Constitution of 1887, he was allowed to do nothing without the approval of the cabinet.
What was the name of the foreigners' secret political organization? Hawaiian League
The military force of the foreigners' secret political organization was called... Hawaiian Rifles
Created by: MrsJM