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review questions

The opposite of intracellular Extracellular
The gastrocnemius is located where In the calf
The main organ involved in the metabolism of drugs Liver
Small surgical clamp for grasping blood vessels Hemostatic forceps
Schedule II inventories must be made every 2 years
Dyskinesia Abnormality movement
Drug that causes pupil to dilate Mydriatic
Drug that's used to constrict pupils Miotics
Drugs that control nausea, vomiting and motion sickness Antiemetic
Drug for persistent cough Antitussives
Valve between left atrium and left ventricle Mitral
Agents used for itching Antipruritics
what does not occur during invasion and multiplication stage of infection signs and symptoms begin to appear
immunity when pt given direct antibiotics artificial passive
function of antibody B-cell locks in place on the invader, like a jigsaw puzzle, flagging it for destruction
what type of seizure is associated with an aura grand mal seizure
Chlamydia Symptoms are present in both men and women
myelogram radiograph of the spinal chord
which of the following substances that aids the transmission of nerve impulse (neurotransmitter) acetylcholine
a pt sustains sever blunt trauma to the left upper abdomen and requires surgery. the body organ most likely to be involved is the spleen
which postal class use to send monthly newsletter second? (now known as standard)
after opening the mail, the MA should date-stamp letter
most secure way to mail something through the USPS registered mail
most appropriate needle guage for subcutaneous injection 25g
microbiology includes the study of microscopic organisms
a dilute solution of formaldehyde used to preserve biological specimens formalin
instruments that come in contact only with a pt's mucous membranes should be disinfected
a drugs generic name is best illustrated by salicylic acid
the material that leaves the blood and enters the nephron filtrate
a sinus rhythm originates in the SA node
part of the eye active in accommodation for near and far vision lens
apgar score test of newborn's physical condition
conjunctivitis affects the membrane that lines the eyelid and covers the eye
number of pairs of cranial nerves 12
bile enters gastrointestinal tract at the duodenum
ileum not a segment of the large intestine (small intestine)
grave's disease autoimmune hyperthyroidism
what best explains role of FEMA in a national disastor support U.S citizens and first responders to prepare for, protect against, respond to and recover from emergencies and hazards
PERRLA pupils equal round react to light accomodation
it is recommended that records of appointments be kept for three years
in MS word the feature automatically moves text to the next line when one line is full wordwrap
a liquid preparation which mixes fine droplets of an oil into water is emulsion
the heart pumps blood to the lungs through the pulmonary circuit
albuterol aerosol inhalants are a type of bronchodilator
a healthy adult excretes daily approximately this much urine 1 to 1.5 ltrs
viruses can reproduce only in living cells
the thick muscular layer of the heart is the myocardium
osteocytes mature bone cells
IVP, IVU and KUB are radiographic tests
another term for acetone in the urine is ketones
which drug prevents or inhibits sleeps antihypnotic
medications can't be located in the PDR under composition
a hormone from the kidneys that stimulate red cell production erythropoietin
opposite of dextro sinistro
epidemiology study of infectious diseases
seroconversion point at which detectable antibodies are present in the serum, causing a positive antibody test
what type of flora is considered pathogenic and needs to be removed from the skin in order to prevent transmission to other pts transient
cystitis inflammation of the urinary bladder
pyelonephritis inflammation of the renal pelvis
enuresis condition of urinary incontinence, especially at night in bed - bedwetting
oliguria scanty urine output
sprain injury results from trauma to the ligaments (also tendons and muscles)
hot water bottle temperature 105-110 F
when substances that are normally not present in the urine of healthy individuals are detected what has taken place renal threshold has been reached
supernatant clear liquid that remains after spinning urine
cystocele herniation or downward protrusion of the urinary bladder through the vaginal wall
metrorrhagia uterine bleeding that occurs at times other than menstrual period
dystocia difficult labor
eclampsia most severe form of pregnancy-induced hypertension
endometrium inner lining of uterus
goodell's sign softening of the cervix & vagina
hegar's sign softening, lower uterine segment
Chadwick's sign bluish-violet cervix & vagina
striae gravidarum stretch marks
What is a bone scan test? test that visualizes the distribution of an IV injected radioactive isotope that collects in the bones and joints
dosimeter worn by all personnel who work in close proximity to radiologic equipment
angiogram examines blood vessels
What kind of water for autoclaving Distilled
Phlebectasia Dilatation of a vein
Antineoplastics Used to prevent cell growth in a malignant tumor
Rubber sleeve on a venipuncture needle is to Make it possible to draw multiple tubes
First step in venipuncture Tourniquet removed (not tube is labeled)
Main part of a word Root
Prefixes dia, per and trans all mean Through
Last bone of spinal column Coccyx
Carpel tunnel syndrome involves a nerve in the Wrist
Eversion, inversion, and plantar flexion refer to movements of the Foot
Movement away from midline Abduction
Triangular muscle over the shoulder Deltoid
main part of a word root
the prefixes dia, per and trans all mean through
the last bone of the spinal column coccyx
carpal tunnel syndrome involves a nerve in the wrist
eversion, inversion and plantar flexion refer to movements of the foot
movement away from the midline abduction
the triangular muscle over the shoulder is the deltoid
phlebectasia is dilation of a vein
the abbreviation CO2 represents carbon dioxide
a drug used to prevent blood from clotting is classified as an anticoagulant
Schedule IV drugs include minor tranquilizers and hypnotics that have a lesser potential for abuse
what is a drug called that reduces anxiety tranquilizer
a small adhesive patch or disc used for administration of medications is called transdermal
which of the following liquids is used in an autoclave to sterilize distilled water
lidocaine is a type of anesthetic
which of the following classes of drugs is most appropriate for pts with a persistent cough antitussives
which of the following muscles is commonly used for intramuscular injections in an infant vastus lateralis
which of the following types of agent do physicians use to prevent cell grown in a malignant tumor antineoplastics (neo)
a dilute solution of formaldehyde used to preserve biological specimens is formalin
the slanted tips of the needle that enters the vein is called the bevel
the part of the holder that is meant to aid is smooth tube removal is called the flange
CLIA Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act
Sodium citrate is found in which color stopper tube light blue
which of the following steps would be performed first - needle is removed, pressure applied, tourniquet removed, tube is labeled tourniquet is removed
the rubber sleeve on a venipuncture needle is to make it possible to draw multiple tubes
the liquid portion of an anticoagulated blood sample is called plasma
an artery can be distinguished from a vein bc it will pulsate
in performing phlebotomy on children it is best to talk softly and gently, enlist the help of parents, tell the truth
a venipuncture can be performed by using which needles hypodermic, multisample and winged infusion
when a pt has Medicare what is Medicaid considered secondary carrier
Bartholin's glands mucus producing glands located on each side of the vaginal opening
when a pt pays $10 on an account it is recorded as a payment
LUQ, RUQ, LLQ, RLQ refers to quadrant of the abdomen
fertilization of an ovum by a spermatozoa occurs in the fallopian tube
hypothalamus controls body temperature, sleep and appetite
most medical terms come from Latin and Greek
gastroesophageal reflux is characterized by the incompetence of the esophageal sphincter
pleura membrane that covers the lungs
alveoli tiny air sacs in the lungs that allow for gas exchange
onychmalacia softening of a nail
motherboard of the computer main circut board
brain of the computer CPU
when light rays are refracted they bend
who is responsible for checking boxes on a charge slip MA, OM, Dr
bursa small sac near a joint
in MS word a red line under the text indicates spelling error
abduction movement away from the midline
clustering type of appointment scheduling used for grouping procedures during the day or week
assault threat of touching someone
laryngoscope instrument used to examine larynx
receptor cell in retina rods and cone (color)
signs of diabetes mellitus include polyuria, polyphagia and polydipsia
peristalsis process whereby smooth muscles contract to propel food through the digestive tract
which of these does not pertain to skin - biliary, integumentary, cutaneous, epidermal bilary
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