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6th SS - Chapter 5

Chapter 5: The Huang He Valley

loess dusty, yellow soil that is easily carried by the wind
famine widespread shortage of food
gorge mountain pass with steep rocky sides
steppe dry, treeless plain
dynasty a line of rulers who belong to the same family
oracle bones cattle or sheep bone used by Shang priests to predict the future
Mandate of Heaven the belief that the Chinese emperor's right to rule came from the gods and his ancestors
Warring States Period the period between 475 B.C. and 221 B.C. after the Zhou Empire in China ended and local rulers went to war with each other
Confucius one of China's most famous scholars/teacher who believed that the key to happiness was a good education
Confucianism in China, a system of beliefs and behavior based on the teachings of Confucius, who said that people should lead good lives by studying ancient traditions and stressed the importance of respecting one's family and ancestors
Analects book of a collection of writings by Confucius
emperor supreme ruler of an empire
empire group of states under one government
provinces political divisions of land
Great Wall of China wall built to protect the Chinese from northern invaders
legalism philosophy of government that taught that actions that help the emperor and the state should be encouraged by a strict system of rewards and sever punishments
bureaucracy an organization that runs the daily business of a government
Grand School a school begun by Confucian scholars in China that trained students for government jobs
seismograph machine that detects earthquakes
Huang He River means "Yellow River" or "China's Sorrow"
Why is the Huang He called China's Sorrow due to it's annual flooding
Chang Jiang (Yangtze) River China's longest river
Who conquered the Shang dynasty the Zhou dynasty
Daoism Chinese teachings that nature should guide people in their lives
What advancements did the Shang achieve Chinese writing system
How long did the Shang dynasty last 600 years
First emperor of China Shihuangdi
What were some of Shihuangdi's standardizations as emperor of China single writing system, single system of money, standardized common weights and measures
Who conquered the Zhou dynasty when it began to fight among itself the Qin dynasty
Who conquered Shihuangdi's Qin dynasty the Han dynasty
Who invented paper the Han
What advancements did the Han have in education predicted elipses of the sun, new medicines, poetry, paper, silk, seismograph, wheelbarrow, fine China pottery
Created by: MissMisiak