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Islam & West Africa

Review of key concepts

Who were the Ottomans? Turkish dynasty that Dominated the Middle East & parts of Eastern Europe (approx. 1450-1650)
Who led the Ottoman Turks in their siege of Constantinople? Mehmet II
What year did the Turks gain control of Constantinople? 1453
What did the Ottoman Turks rename Constantinople? Istanbul
What were the four Ottoman social classes? Men of the Sword, Men of the Pen, Men of Husbandry, Men of Negotiation
How did Ottomans tax Christians that they conquered? They took their sons and converted them to Islam
Who oversaw the Islamic "Golden Age?" Suleiman the Magnificent
What is an Islamic place of worship called? A Mosque
Why did Islam appeal to Hindus? Islam had social mobility, unlike the Hindu caste system
What European social structure was similar to the Hindu caste system? Feudalism
Why did Muslim and Hindu beliefs clash? Muslims believed in equality for all Muslims and one god. Hindus believed in many gods and the caste system
Why did Mughal leader Shah Jahan have the Taj Mahal built? It was built as a tomb for his wife
How long and how many workers were needed to build the Taj Mahal? it took 20 years for 22,000 workers to build it
Who were the Safavids? Sunni empire in Persia who often fought with their Shiite neighbors, the Ottomans
What was Shah Abbas the Great's legacy with the Safavids empire? He centralized the government, created a powerful military, & negotiated alliances with European enemies of the Ottomans
What is the key difference between Shiites and Sunnis? Shiites believe only descendants of Muhammad can lead while Sunnis believe any Muslim can lead
What are west Africa's two most valued resources? Salt and Gold
Trade created encouraged the growth and development of what three west African kingdoms? Ghana, Mali and Songhai
What Mali leader literally put his kingdom on the map? Mansa Musa
How did the rest of the world find out about Mansa Musa's vast wealth? When he mad his pilgrimage to Mecca in 1324
In what city, which was a center of African trade, did Mansa Musa have an university built? Timbuktu
What brought Islam and Christianity into interactions with West African societies? Trade
Islam blended with African beliefs and cultures to create what African culture that still exists today? Swahili
Created by: kennethgb