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History Homework

What type of armor was the most typically used by Knights? Steel plate armor
Why did swords have crossguards? To protect the weilder's hand and to catch the blade of an enemies sword.
What decorations did knights usually have on their shield? Crests
Back then,could a gun kill a knight in full armor? No,bullets could only dent the armor but only slightly.
What types of weapons were used against Knights in heavier armor? Blunt force weapons like flails,maces,halberds,etc.
What part of the sword was used to daze and confuse an enemy knight? The pommel of the sword
Which was more effective against a knight, a bow or a crossbow? Crossbow
Where was there no armor on a Knight Some of the bodies joints
Why was some knights armor slanted and contoured? To deflect a weapons blow
Why would Knights in heavier armor use more two-handed weapons than one-handed weapons? They were usually too slow to use lighter/faster and weaker weapons effectively and instead used two-handed weapons which were typically heavier/slower but dealt a MUCH more powerfull blow.
Created by: JakeQuinn117