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Terms (exam4)

Bismillah A sacred invocation of the name of Allah at the beginning of each surah
Book of Hours A type of prayer book that usually begins with an illustrated calendar followed by pages of short prayers to be recited at designated times.
Codex an ancient manuscript text in book form.
Motte and Bailey Motte is the hill. The bailey is where you live, next to this castle thing. The castle is where you ran for protection when you got invaded I believe The hill is really steep, and was made by humans rather than naturally occuring
Five pillars of islam Witness (Shahadah), prayer (salat), alms (zakat), fasting (sawm), pilgrimage (hajj)
Feudalism The lord of nobleman provided protection to a person who worked for him in exchange for his loyalty
Proper part of the mass ceremony that doesn't change. Certain prayers are specifically said every time - usually set to music
Ordinary the part that changes. Like christmas or easter hymns
Modes different feelings to the song, or type of song
Melisma Melismatic: long melodic passaged on a single syllable (like Allelulia in easter hymns)
Monophonic - Syllabic: one note per sylibal - Neumatic: 1 - 6 notes per syllable monophonic: consisting of a single musical line, without accompaniment:
Minnesang Tradition of lyric and song writing in Germany that flourished in the Middle High German period.
Pogrom An organized massacre of a particular ethnic group
Troubadour Southern French musicians, sang love songs, were tied to courts
Illumination The painstakingly detailed, hand-painted decoration of manuscripts
transubstantiation the change of substance by which the bread and the wine offered in the sacrifice of the sacrament of the Eucharist during the Mass, become, in reality, the body and blood of Jesus
relics Relic: relic (an object that is connected to the divine. They were once owned, touched, or belonged to the saints. Or parts - like actual body parts - of the saints). Each alter had a relic
Liturgy Set of religious services and the structure of each service. A form which religious worship and services are conducted
exegesis critical explanation or interpretation of a text, especially of scripture.
crenellation I guess the classic castle form - the square things that are at the top of the wall
reliquary A place to hold the saints bones
Mihrab The place that faces mecca that you face when you pray
Minaret A tower in muslim temples and stuff
Tympanum The sculpture thing on an arch
2 rules of St. Benedict Obedience, Silence
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