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What is Imperialism one country controlling another politically, socially economically .
four causes of ww1 nationalism, imperialism, militarism, alliances
List the years for WWI 1914-1918
What event happened that began WWI the murder of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand
What is the space between the two army trenches called? no man land
What are the countries in the Triple Entente? France ,great Britain and Russia
What are the countries in the Triple Alliance? Germany Italy Austria-Hungary
Who was the leader of Great Britain? winston churchill
During WWI what was Hitler's killing squad called? s.s einsatzrgrappen
What were two kinds of warfare during WWI? Trench and chemical
What country did Germany invade that began WWII? poland
What was the name and location of the largest death camp? Auschwitz in poland
How many people died during WWI? 9 to 12 million
Which group of people did the Nazis blame MOST for the fall of Germany in WWI? jews -
The marketing method Hitler used to convince people to follow him is called ______ propaganda
Hitler's plan to eliminate Europe's 11 million Jews was called? The Final Solution
In which country were most of Nazi death camps located in? Poland
How many people died in WWII? over 60 million
Which country did Hitler lead? Germany
Which country did Benito Mussolini lead? Italy
Which country did Franklin Roosevelt lead? U.S.A.
Which country did Joseph Stalin lead? Russia
Aryan people had ___________________ blonde hair and blue eyes
What is Blitzkrieg? Lightening war
What is Militarism? A society that glorifies war
What is Alliance? agreement to support between countries
What is Appeasement? Giving up territory to avoid war
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