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WH1 SOL 6 Set 2


Epidemic (of a disease) affecting many persons at the same time in a locality
Administration The government; the function of a political state in exercising its governmental duties
Germanic Relating to the peoples of ancient northern and western Europe
Inflation A rise in prices due to a loss in the value of currency
Augustus Caesar First emperor of Rome
Prosperity Successful, flourishing, or thriving conditions
Succession The order of those entitled to succeed one another
Mercenaries Professional soldiers hired to serve a foreign army
Allegiance Loyalty of a citizen to his or her government
Huns Nomadic warlike Asian people who devastated large parts of eastern and central Europe
Byzantine Empire Eastern Roman Empire after the fall of the West in 476 A.D.
Constantine Roman emperor who named Constantinople as the new capital of the empire
Colosseum Amphitheater or arena of ancient Rome used for sports or entertainment
Forum In ancient Rome, a public square or marketplace
Aqueduct A bridge-like structure that carried water across a valley or river
Created by: MMS 8th