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Chapter 12


What was Sui Dynasty's greatest achievement? The completion of the Grand Canal.
What made people turn against the Sui Dynasty? The Labor Work of the State Projects
How long did the Tang Dynasty last? Nearly 300 years
What did the Tang rulers do to restore China's vast bureaucracy? They had created a test for any man even commoners to become Scholar-Officials
What did the Tang rulers impose? Crushing Taxs
Why was China under the control of Foreign Hands? The Muslim armies had defeated the Chinese at the Battle of Talas
What had the Chinese rebels done after China's defeat? They burned the Tang Capital and killed the last Tang Emperors who was a child
What happened to China after the Tang Dynasty had ended? The Tang's rival warlords had divided China into separate kingdoms
What was Japan's earliest religion? and did the word mean? Shinto meaning "way of the gods."
What did the Yamato Clan do in A.D. 400? They claimed themselves to be the leading clan.
What religion came to Japan by the Korean Traveler? Buddhism
While there was war the Lords had surrounded themselves with what? Samurai's, who were loyal warriors
What were Samurai's expected of? They had to be show reckless courage, reverence for the gods, fairness, and generosity toward those weaker than himself
How long did the war between the two most powerful clans last? Almost 30 years
After the war that lasted almost 30 years who won? the Minamoto family
What two religions had spread through Southeast Asia? Hindu and Buddhism
How did the Indian religion (Hindu) spread to Southeast Asia? Before China's influences had came the Indian influence had came before.
What empire had toke neighboring power and created an empire? the Khmer Empire
What was Southeast Asia's world’s greatest architectural achievements? The Angkor Wat
In the Java island their king had also left and architectural achievement, what was it? The Buddhist Temple
Which influence did these two architectural achievements come from? They came from Indian influences
In the first Korean legend who founded the first Korean state? A hero by the name of Tan'gun
What group of people had destroyed the Koryu Dynasty? The Mongols
What did the Mongols demand from the Koryu Dynasty? They wanted 20,000 horses, clothing for 1 million soldiers, and many children and artisans, who were to be taken away as slaves.
Who declared himself the first emperor of China? Wendi
Created by: KSosa