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AP World History Bulliet

The Mongol way of life was pastoral
Menial work in Mongol camps was done by slaves
The Mongol leader the khan had his decisions ratified by a council
One religion among the several or many that virtually all Mongols observed was shamanism
As a means of continuing to spread the Mongol Empire Genghis Khan used the following means to expand and control his territories?
The first Mongol conquests under Genghis Khan were in China
Which of the Mongol Khans conquered Rus' in 1236? Batu
To maintain control of vast area the Mongols formed different khanates The Golden Horde ruled over Russia
After rejection by his family for the title of Great Khan Khubilai formed
Narratives such as Marco Polo's created a European ambition to find easier routes to Asia
One of the most significant effects of Mongol trade routes was the spread of diseases including the plague
The conflict between the Il-khans and the Golden Horde originated in religious differences
In 1295 the Il-khan ruler Ghazan converted to which religion? Islam
In an attempt to repel non-Muslims in the Il-Khan and Crimean/Caucauses areas the Golden Horde formed an alliance with Egyptian Mamluks
Tax farming is the sale of tax-collecting contracts to small corporations
Apparently envisioning himself as a new Genghis Khan this ruler attacked the Muslim sultanate of Delhi in 1398 Timur Why was there a cultural flowering in Iran
Who attempted to write the first world history Rashid al-Din
The scholar Nasir al-Din Tusi was most notable for his contributions in mathematical developments in algebra and trigonometry
A significant transmission and sharing of scientific knowledge was found in the form of eclipse predictions and tables
The significant scientific discoveries of Islamic scholars were translated by Arabic scholars; Byzantine monks into Greek; Christian scholars in Spain
What economic problems did Russia see during the time of Mongol domination? overzealous tax collection by Russian princes the burden of taxation carried by the peasantry
the attempt to introduce paper money by the Mongols direct exchange of goods rather than purchases in currency
The Russian prince who advocated cooperation with the Mongols to avoid destructive assimilation was Alexander Nevskii
Which Russian ruler was the first to use the term "tsar"? Ivan III
Stephen Dushan took advantage of weakening Byzantine influence and proclaimed himself tsar of the Serbs Greeks Bulgarians and Albanians
Mongol armies often consisted of a multinational force with Mongol leaders
Which of the following did the Europeans not learn about from the Mongols? Porcelain
In 1453 the Ottomans conquered which important Christian city? Constantinople
Mongol rulers in China were increasingly influenced by the idea of a universal rulership model by religious leaders from Tibet
What was the most lasting impact of the Mongols on China? The Mongols permanently reunited China after a prolonged period of political fragmentation
The Yuan tax administration relied on Persian Arab and Uighur administrators
Which group held the lowest social rank in Yuan China? Southern Chinese After the introduction of paper money in China caused economic instability
One effect of the rise of cities in Yuan China was the increasing influence of Mandarin
Reliance on provincial production of goods instead of urban centralization of production was termed: cottage industry
In 1368 the Yuan Empire was overthrown and replaced by the
To demonstrate their rejection of the Mongols the Ming emperors
The emperor Yongle improved the imperial complex built by the Mongols called the Forbidden City
Because Mongols controlled access to the Silk Road after the overthrow of the Yuan the emperor Yongle put an emphasis on
Zheng He's primary accomplishment was acquiring Ming tributary states
Why didn't Ming China develop seafaring for commercial and military gain? The Mongol threat from the north took priority over seafaring
What was the primary reason for the slowdown of technology after Yongle's death? limitation of the mining industry by the Ming empire
Which of the following was not a reason for economic decline in China after the death of Yongle? Resurgence of the bubonic plague Water Margin and The Romance of the Three Kingdoms are examples of
The Ming produced one of the most prized commercial products of Eurasia: porcelain
Which of the following areas were not under Mongol domination? Japan
Which coastal area did the Mongols see as crucial to choke off the sea trade of their enemies? Korea
The relationship between the leading family in Korea the Koryo family
Two main areas of mechanized production in Yi Korea were in cotton and movable-type font
The rise of literacy in Korea resulted from the combination of an improved printing system and the han'gul writing system
Unlike in Ming China the development of agriculture in the Yi kingdom was based on what cash crop?
What military techniques or innovations made the Yi military a formidable defensive force? cannon with gunpowder-driven arrow launchers
What prevented the Mongols from invading Japan? A storm prevented them from establishing a base
How did the threat of Mongol invasion affect Japan? The Japanese military government spent a lot of time building coastal defenses
Kamikaze means wind of the gods
The ancestor of modern Vietnam was formed when Annam annexed Champa
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