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Mesopotamia the region where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers flow
floodplain the flat land bordering the banks of a river
silt the fine soil deposited by rivers
semiarid climate that is hot and fairly dry
drought a period when not enough rain and snow fall
surplus more than is needed
Tigris and Euphrates the rivers that are in Mesopotamia
Sumer a region in southern Mesopotamia and the site of the first civilization
civilization an advanced form of culture
city-state a community that included a city and it's nearby farmlands
ziggurat the largest and most important structure in a Sumerian city
polytheism a belief in many gods and goddesses
king the highest ranked leader of all people
bronze a mixture of copper and tin
pictograph picture writing
stylus a sharpened reed used to make markings in clay
cuneiform wedge-shaped writing
scribe a person who is specialized in writing
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