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Age of exloration

Age of exploration

Compasses They We're used to tell sailors which direction they were sailing in
Clinker built The boards on the side of the ship overlapped
Astrolabes We're pointed to the north star to tell the latitude
Marco Polo Was the son of a Venetian trader.
Maps They showed places along the coasts joined by straight lines
Depth When ships were sailing in the shallow water of the inlets the sailors needed to check the depth of the Water
Log and line It Was used to record details of the voyage
Caravels These ships brought together the best qualities of the ships that sailed in the Atlantic Ocean in 1400-1750
Ships biscuit A flat loaf that was baked slowly until it was hard
rudders this gave them more control over the steering
Christopher columbus sailed to America thinking he reached inda
Ferdinand magellan was the first sailor to reach inda and back home
Created by: Vkiernan15