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Stack #2360953

This ethnic groups location is Ghana and Ivory Coast (West Africa) Ashanti
This ethnic groups religion is mostly muslim Arab
This ethnic groups religion is filled with some muslim, some christian, and some animist Bantu
Their kingdom began in 1701 when golden stool united clans in this ethnic group Ashanti
This ethinc groups language is Swahili, a blend of Arabic and Bantu Swahili
Arab traders from Southwest Asia blended with local African people in this ethnic groups ancestry Swahili
this ethnic group lives in Northern Africa Arab
this ethnic group is located in Central and Southern Africa Bantu
this ethnic groups religion is Traditional African religious, belief in supreme god, natural spirits (animism), and Golden Stool. Christian but as well as some Muslim Ashanti
Their language is Asante (Twi) Ashanti
This ethnic groups language is Bantu family of languages (over 650) Bantu
This ethnic groups ancestry migrated from Southwest Asia; trading gold and salt in camel caravans Arab
This ethnic groups ancestry migrated from south of Sahara 2,000 years ago Bantu
This ethnic groups religion is Muslim, plus some local traditional African beliefs Swahili
This ethnic group speaks Arabic Arab
This ethnic group is located in Eastern Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique) Swahili
Created by: arianna.dunlap