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Giattino - U1-1c


Geography Rich soils - Fertile Crescent. Few Natural Barriers - easy to invade. Tigris and Euprates - "between the Rivers" Attracted early farmers - produced surplus food--controlling the floods required cooperation
Sumerians First civilization in Mesopotamia
Ziggurats (pyramid temples with wide steps...on top was a chief god
Sumerian Religion Polytheistic, controlled every aspect of life. They thought gods and goddesses had the same emotions as regular people. Believed in afterlife... Sumerians has a more difficult life with the unpredictable flooding of the Tigris and Euphrates river
Sumerian Government Sumer included many independent city-states Competed for land and water inherited rulers Mayor like city-state rulers had bureaucracies
irrigation systems using dikes and canals to provide protection from floods as well as water for their crops
Cuneiform writing a wedge form writing
The Code of Hammurabi Over 3,500 years ago, King Hammurabi of Babylon ordered a scribe to chisel a record of his kingly deeds onto a slab of black stone. Laws for the kingdom.
Created by: JImmyjet81