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Phlebotomy Chap 1 Study Questions Pg 39-40

Early equipment used for bloodletting includes all of the following EXCEPT the a*Fleam b*Hemostat c*Lancet d*Leech B*Hemostat
A factor that contributes to the phlebotomist's professional image is a*A pleasant smile and a positive attitude b*National certification c*Personal hygeine d*All of the above D*All of the above
The initials for the title granted after successful completion of the National Credentialing Agency phlebotomy examination are a*CLPlb b*CLT c*CPT d*PBT A*CLPlb
The principles of right and wrong conduct as they apply to professional problems are called a*Certification b*Esteem c*Ethics d*Torts C*Ethics
The law that established national standards for the electronic exchange of protected health information is a*CLIA b*HIPAA c*OSHA d*PHS B*HIPAA
Which of the following is a duty of a phlebotomist? a*Analyze specimens for hematology b*Chart patient results c*Obtain blood pressures and temperatures of patients d* Perform laboratory computer operations D*Perform laboratory computer operations
Which of the following is an example of proxemics? a*Eye contact b*Facial expressions c*Personal hygiene d*Zone of comfort D*Zone of comfort
Which of following is proper telephone technique?a*Be careful w/tone of voice&keep answers simple b*Don't identify yourself in case of problems later c*Listen carefully take no notes d* wait for ring 3/4 times so not to appear anxious A*Be careful w/tone of voice&keep answers simple
An institution that provides inpatient services is a*Clinic b*Day-surgery c*Doctor's office d*Hospital D*Hospital
State and federally funded insurance is called a* ASCP b*HIPPA c*Medicaid d*PPO C*Medicaid
The specialty that treats disorders of old age is called a*Cardiology b*Gerontology c*Pathology d*Psychiatry B*Gerontology
The department in the hospital that records brain waves for diagnosis is a*Electroneurodiagnostics b*Occupational therapy c*Physical therapy d*Radiology A*Electroneurodiagnostics
The microbiology department in the laboratory performs a*Compatibility testing b*Culture and sensitivity testing c*Electrolyte monitoring d*Enzyme-linked immunoassay B*Culture and sensitivity testing
The abbreviation for the routine hematology test that includes hemoglobin, hematocrit, red blood count, and white blood count determinations is called a*CBC b*CDC c*CPK d*CRP A*CBC
Which of the following laboratory professions is specified by CLIA'08 as responsible for administration of a clinical area? a* Clinical laboratory scientist b*Clinical laboratory technician c*Laboratory manager d* Technical supervisor D*Technical supervisor
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