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7th SS - Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Southern Europe

mainland country's main landmass
sirocco hot, dry wind from North Africa
city-state a self-governing city called a "polis"
98% of Greeks practice are of this faith Eastern Greek Orthodox Christians
pope bishop of Rome and head of the Roman Catholic Church
Renaissance new era of learning that began in Italy in the 1300s
coalition government a government in which several parties join together to run the country
Moors Muslim North Africans
dialect variation of a language
cork bark stripped from a certain type of oak tree
Ebro, Douro, Tagus, and Guadalquivir Rivers Rivers that cut through the Iberian Peninsula
Greece's largest city Athens
Greece's second largest city Thessaloniki
Most popular dialect in Spain Castilian
Italy's largest river Po River
Greece's most popular industry agriculture
Italy's most valuable crop grapes
Italy's 3 northern industrial city centers Milan, Turin, and Genoa
capital city of Italy Rome
Ancient Greeks invented theater and democracy
Climate in Southern Italy sunny and warm
Eastern half of the Roman Empire was known as Byzantine Empire
Ancient Romans invented Latin, domes, arches, law, order, and safety
Southern Europe is made up of 3 peninsulas Portugal/Spain, Italy, and Greece
Greece's largest island Crete
Present-day Constantinople is known as Istanbul
Mosaics pictures created from tiny pieces of colored stone
Who painted the Mona Lisa Leonardo da Vinci
Who perfected the telescope and experimented with gravity Galileo Galilei
Who traveled to the Americas Christopher Colombus
Which country paid for Christopher Columbus (an Italian) to voyage to the the New World Spain
98% of Italians belong to this faith Roman Catholic
Created by: MissMisiak