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Chapter 10 SG

Title says it.

Kush Ancient Nubian kingdom
What were the results of Egypt conquering Kush during the New Kingdom? Kushites adopted Egyptian ways of life.
Relationship Between Egypt and Kush How the cultures of Egypt of Kush influenced each other
Archers a person who shoots with a bow and arrow
What can you conclude about Kush based on its location? It was a trading center.
Dynasty a family or group that rules for several years
What were the results of Egypt’s New Kingdom collapsing? Kush conquered Egypt.
Kandakes a powerful female leader who co-ruled with her husband and son
Treaty a written agreement by which two or more groups agree to be peaceful
What did Kush do after conquering Egypt? They restored Egyptians glory.
Who was the king who brought Egypt and Kush together? King Piye
What technology enabled Assyria to conquer Kush? Iron weapons
Be able to identify the time periods of when they controlled each other and were independent. List the labeled time periods below. (Also list any key events between the civilization 1100 B.C.E. Egypt’s New Kingdom collapsed. 900 B.C.E. new line of Kush Kings was established. 730 B.C.E. 730 B.C.E. Northern Egypt surrendered to King Piye.
Created by: Ineed