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ancient china

what are the five regions of ancient china tibet, mongolia, manchuria, sinking china propper
where did the first civilization begin in ancient china china proper
what are two main rivers in china proper huang he and chinas sorrow
why is the yellow river referred to as CHINA"S SORROW because of flodding
what factors allowed ancient china to stay isolated for so many years mountains pleanteas deserts in the west chinese beleaved they seperiour to other cultures- middle kingdom
what did the chines infer by refering to their civilization as the middle kingdom because they didnt see other people or countries because of the great wall so they didnt know if it was true
what family first ruled ancient china shang
what are three accomplishments completed of the shang dynasty exsisted in huang he vally 2. they had 10,000 3. they made a clock based no the moon
what is ancestor worship thanking and giving to their ancestors
what hpilosophy did the Chou Dynasty use to govern ancient china you have to be mean to make them listen
during wich dynasty was the great wall of china compleated qin
after wich dynasty is china named chin
what is Pax Sinica pease
what took place in ancient china during pax sinica pease and prosperity
what world religion was introduced in china during the Han dynasty pax sinca
what made the yaun dynasty unique among the dynasties of ancient china first time that china was ruled by outsiders
whty did the yuan dynasty fall most of the milliteryn died trying to take over japan and they blamed the ruler
what is the ming dynasty known for accomplishments the great wall
define philosophy a system guided by life
what is naturalism a two sided ballace hot cold dark light
what do confucianism,leagalism,and daoism have in common all want a peacefull society
according to confucius, how can a peaceful societybe created put an end to disorder and everyone must excetp their role
according to leagalism, how can a peaceful society be created the people will cowaperat with the goverment
according to daoism, how can a peaceful society be created to understand and harminise with people
what was /is the silk road a trading rought
Created by: grantcole