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Ch. 9-Greece

What country is different from many countries that has mountainous land with deep valleys and rugged highlands? Greece
Greece was not a united or a unified country because of what? The mountains
What sea is located on the east side of Greece? Aegean Sea
In Greece, what area extends outward into the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea? Balkan Peninsula
What sea is located on the west side of Greece? Ionian Sea
What sea is located in the south side of Greece, next to the island of Crete and north of Africa? Mediterranean Sea
What allowed Greece to rise in wealth for the nation? trading with other nations
The people of Greece developed small independent communities with their own form of government which chooses its own leaders by voting for them, what is it called? Democracy
Where did the first Greek civilization started? The Island of Crete
The people of Crete were named after which legendary king that ruled the Island of Crete, what is his name? Minos
In the Trojan War legend, Greeks fought the Trojans for what reason? To rescue the kidnapped wife of a Greek king
The Greeks believed that the gods lived in what that is located north of Greece? Mount Olympus
According to a blind poet, he composed two poems about the Trojan War called: The lliad and the Odyssey, who was he? Homer
Greek legends were told by (word of mouth) and are changed with every person that tells the story, what is this Greek culture known as? oral tradition
In Greece, different forms of government developed, what was the type of government that had Kings and Queens as rulers? Monarchy
In Greece, different forms of government developed, what was the type of government that had rich and powerful families in charge of a city-state? Aristocracy
What were the three requirements by Greek males of a city-state that allowed them to vote in a democracy? Old enough, born in the same city-state, & owning property
Who were not allowed to vote or participate in Greek democracy governments? women, children, non-property owners, & slaves
Once the Persian invasion finally ended, the started in ancient Greece, especially in Athens? The Golden Age
What were the names of the 3 philosophers that started the age of philosophy in Athens, Greece? Socrates, Plato, & Aristotle
What was the name of the doctor who looked for the natural causes of diseases and he was known as the “father of medicine.” Hippocrates
Who was the important mathematician who discovered the use of pulleys and levers? Archimedes
Who was the important mathematician that created math theories on numbers and music? Pythagoras
Who was the important mathematician that created a system of plane geometry that students still student today? Euclid
Which two Greek forces joined together to defeat the invading Persian armies at Salamis? Athenians and Spartans
Where was the last fight between the Greeks and the Persian armies? The Battle of Salamis
What was the name of the first battle that the Athenians fought against the Persian armies? The Battle of Marathon
What other Greek nation from the North rose to power, after Athens and Sparta crumbed? Macedonia
Which family member died that later made Alexander the next king of Macedonia, many historians say that Alexander and his mother had something to do with his death? Alexander’s father
Alexander showed to be a great leader, where in Syria did he defeated the Persian army? The Battle of Plain of Issus
Alexander’s army was forced to retreat in what country because of its monsoon season? India
How old was Alexander the Great when he died returning to Macedonia? 33 years
What cultural age did Alexander the Great spread into Europe, Africa, and Western Asia? The Hellenistic Age
What was the name of the city in Egypt where Alexander had the biggest library in the world build? Alexandria
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