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Chapter 14

Notes Review

What is an integral part of the tech's job responsibility? Inventory management
What do pharmacies use to maintain an adequate supply of medications? A perpetual inventory system
Computerized inventory systems automatically adjust inventory and generate orders based on what? Maintaining set inventory levels
Most medications are received from suppliers in bulk stock bottles whose labels have what on them? Information required by the FDA
Drugs must be stored according to whose specifications? The manufacturer's
In hospitals and other settings, medications are stocked throughout the facility in dispensing units called what? Supply stations, or med-stations
Since supply stations are at the point-of-use, they greatly simplify the dispensing of medications to who? The patients
Federal legislation such as the Safe Water Drinking Act requires safe disposal of medications. Companies such as Stericycle can assist with complying with whose regulations for disposing of nonreturnable medications? Requirements of OSHA, EPA, and DOT
Ordering and receiving Schedule II drugs must be done with what form? DEA Form 222
Controlled substances are shipped separately from other drugs and should be checked in by who? A staff member different from the person who ordered them (the pharmacist)
Some high-cost medications are on consignment, meaning what? The pharmacy doesn't pay for them until a patient purchases them
Examples of durable medical equipment (DME): Walkers, wheel chairs, crutches, and bedpans
Examples of nondurable equipment? Syringes, needles, and ostomy supplies
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