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The Social Impacts of Industrialization

Define urbanization. It is the shift in population from rural to urban areas.
How did industrialization lead to urbanization? People were needed to d=work in factories and people though that they could get rich is they came to the city so people moved to cities, which is urbanization. If there is industrialization then there will always be urbanization
What is a monopoly? It is the exclusive possession or control of the supply or trade in a commodity or service.
Who was Andrew Carnegie? Carnegie was the first person to mass produce steel. He is one of the riches people in history, but he never had enough money and treated his works poorly.
Who was John D. Rockefeller? A rich man who supplied gas for the railroad companies. Carnegie was very rich.
Who are Captains of Industry? They are the very rich factory owners who are praised for what they have built. When they car called Captains of Industry, the people are speaking highly of them.
Who are Robber Barons? They are the very rich factory owners who are looked at as crimals because of how they treat workers and the conditions they have brought to people's lives.
What is limited liability? Money raised from sales of stock is limited liability: if the corporation fails the shareholders don’t lose their personal assets.
Who are shareholders? People who own stock.
What are shareholders good for? If the corporation fails then the owners does not lose everything he has.
What were some examples of low-skilled jobs? Factory jobs
What were some examples of skilled labored jobs? Engineering, accountants, etc.
Who invented Social Darwinism? Herbert Spencer
What are some key ideas of Social Darwinism? The weak should not be helped and the population should be weeded out by natural selection.
Who invented Laissez-Faire Economics? Adam Smith
What are some key ideas of Laissez-Faire Economics? The government should not regulate businesses. Supply and demand and the market should control businesses.
Who invented Utilitarianism? John Stuart Mill and Jeremy Bentham.
What were some key ideas of Utilitarianism? For something to become a law the good it will bring must out weigh the harm it could do. It also has to bring happiness to the majority of people not just a few.
Who invented Utopianism? Robert Owen
What were some key ideas of Utopianism? If people work for the common good then they can build a better society.
Who openly admits to believing in Socialism and candidate for the 2016 presidential election? Bernie Sanders
What were some key ideas of Socialism? Idea that the government should run some vital industries for the good of society rather than profit.
Who were the Luddites? They were people who were part of one of the first strikes. They tried to destroy early industrial machinery in Britain
What are some key ideas of unionism? That workers have a right to organize into one body in order to negotiate better working conditions.
What is a labor union? A workers’ organization that seeks better wages and working conditions through cooperation between workers.
What is a strike? An organized protest in which workers refuse to work and usually try to prevent other workers from taking their place.
Who invented Communism? Karl Marx
What were key ideas of Communism? Government has all control. The government tells people what to do, how to do it, where to do it, and when to do it.
What was a problem with Communism? it brought corruption at the top (government) and inefficiency in workers
What is a problem with Socialism? The people in the government could be corrupt.
List the new -ism's from those with no government involvement to those that the government controls everything. Social Darwinism, Laissez-Faire Economics, Utilitarianism, Socialism, Absolutism, and finally Communism.
What are some effects of urbanization? Bad- Horrible living conditioned, horrible working conditions, there were many diseases. Good- Found faster way to produce more goods.
How did business change during the Industrial Revolution? Instead of skilled people making the one thing they they have perfected, a factory pays workers very little to make the same thing and they sell it cheaper then the skilled maker. Because of this skilled workers go out of business.
How did the Industrial Revolution lead to a large middle class?r A larger middle class was needed because these were the skilled workers that businesses need to make factories, make sure they didn't go bankrupt, etc.
Who is a proletariat. Someone part of the middle class.
What did the middle class do? (jobs) They would be lawyers, managers, accountants, engineers, etc.
How were living and working conditions for the lower-wage working class? They were cramped in unstable apartments with many other low-wage workers. The working conditions were no better. Workers normally worked 12 hours for 6 days a week.
How did factories and mass production lead to lower wages for many workers? No skill was needed to do the jobs in the factories and many people were coming to cities looking for jobs so owners could pay their employees very little.
What is cholera? Is is a disease that is typically contracted from infected water supplies and causing severe vomiting and diarrhea.
How was sanitation during the Industrial Revolution? IT WAS NASTY! Dead animals and feces could be found in lakes and anywhere after a hard rain storm.
What is a corporation? It is a company or group of people authorized to act as a single entity (legally a person) and recognized as such in law.
What is stock? They are like little slices of the company-if you own stock you own a part of the company.
What were tenements? They were small apartments built for low-income workers; were crowded, noisy, and often unsafe places.
What are slums? They are areas of very poor housing; often not even real houses, just shacks made of whatever materials are available.
Where was the Thames River and what was wrong with it? It was in London and it was horribly polluted.
What did John Snow discover. He discovered out the cause of cholera
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