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Black Plague


At the time the Plague hit Europe, why did many people believe was the reason that it struck? They thought it was God going against them.
A system where lords pledged military service in exchange for land is called Manorialism
What were two major reasons the Catholic Church was important in Europe in the time before the Black Plague? It was the only form of Christianity. And the feudal system gave it land.
Which of the following was (and still is) the most important position in the Roman Catholic Church? God, The Pope, Archbishops, Bishops, Abbots and Monks and Village Priest.
Why did the city of Nuremburg have a low death count compared to many of the other cities in Europe? There were strict rules and people were paid for their cleanness.
What two countries were the major participants in the Hundred Years’ War? France and England.
What animals were known for carrying the Black Death? Rodents.
What is the famous story about how the Tartars infected the Genoese Christian in Caffa? The Tartars sent an army sent to Caffa.
Why did the plague spread quickly in many cities? There were more places for the Plague to go.
Why was the Church criticized for how the plague was handled? The church wasn’t able to meet everybody’s needs.
Which of the following was an example of moral reform used to fight the Black Plague? It was stemming in the tide of the Plague.
Why did the Flagellant Movement and the Catholic Church come into conflict? The church said that God doesn’t talk to individuals.
How were the spending habits of plague survivors different than the people before them? People became greedy and they wanted more luxury items.
How was art different after the Black Plague? The art went from Christianity to death and judgmental.
How did the plague effect the environment in Europe? Since there were less and less people, the environment became more positive.
How would you know a city has been infected with the Black Plague? You could tell by there not being a lot of people and everything looking poorly and not in good condition.
Why were the numbers of dead people during the Black Plague exaggerated? They were exaggerated because they didn’t have accurate technology that we do today.
What does this tell us about history? This tells us about history because we have so much technology today that didn’t even exist back then.
What are the ways that the loss of common laborers changed Europe during the plague? There were a lot of more jobs and less people to fill them. Even the poor people have stuff that the rich used to be only able to have because there was so much stuff of people dying.
How did these changes benefit many of the workers who survived? These changes helped people who survived because there were fewer people to fill the jobs, so the workers could ask for more.
Created by: sarah_moe