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Exploration and disc

When did Columbus discover America? 1492
What did Columbus bring back from America? corn, turkey, parrots, tomatoes, potatoes, pepper, pumpkin
How many times did Columbus travel to America? 4 times
What were the names of the ships that went to America with Columbus? the Pinta, the Nina, the Santa Maria
Where was Columbus born? Genoa, Italy
How did Columbus' discovery change the world? he discovered a brand new continent
When did Marco Polo travel to China? 1271 - 1295
Why did Marco Polo travel to China? he wanted to bring back all the goods straight to Europe
What did Marco Polo bring back from China? silk, paper money, gunpowder, jade, ivory, porcelain, coal, spices, compass
When did Bartholomew Dias reach the tip of Africa? 1488
What was the name of the tip of Africa that Dias reached? Cape of Storms
What was the new name of the tip of Africa? Cape of Good Hope
Where did Vasco da Gama travel? India
When did Vasco da Gama reach India? 1498
Who is America named after? Amerigo Vespucci
When did Magellan sail around the world? 1519 - 1522
Where did Magellan die? in the Philippines
How many people from Magellan's crew did return home? 18
Who discovered Australia? Willem Janszoon
Who claimed Australia for Great Britain? James Cook
Who discovered Antarctica? James Cook
Why did Columbus travel from Europe? Columbus wanted to find a sea route to India
Created by: MarcelinaGonia