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Giattino - U3 4b

The Renaissance

Renaissance “rebirth”. It was a golden age in the arts, literature, and sciences. New interest in old stuff, like Greece & Rome
Where did the Renaissance Start? Began in Italy Later spread north to Germany and England
The Italian Renaissance Interested in human achievement (instead of religious or spiritual achievement) The figures in their artwork looked like Greek or Roman gods, i.e. perfect
Humanism? Curious about life in the present. Emphasis on the achievements of the individual. Examined worldly subjects that the ancient Greeks and Romans had studied. Hoped to use ancient learning to increase knowledge about their own times
Art of Middle Ages No perspective No proportion Many religious themes. Shows how central religion was.
Renaissance Art Everyday scenes. More realistic.
Michaelangelo Was a sculptor, engineer, painter, and architect Best known for his enormous mural on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican Also well known for his statue of the biblical character David.
Leonardo da Vinci Painter, sculptor, inventor, architect, musician, engineer Painting of the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper. Sketches and plans for flying machines and submarines
Literary Humanist People had begun to write in the everyday language of ordinary people. Instead of scholarly Greek and Latin, they used Italian, French, English, English, and other languages.
Shakespeare Wrote extensively about human beings and the joys and sorrows of human life
Machiavelli The Prince. He advises rulers on how to gain and maintain power. He tells rulers that they should use whatever methods are necessary to ensure their success.
Printing Press The invention of movable type in the 1400’s led to Johann Gutenberg’s printing of the Bible on his press in Germany in 1456
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